Apple’s Black Friday 2014 Offers Are Now Live On Apple Store

One thing is for sure that we had all been highly anxious about what Apple would have in store for Black Friday and as it turned out, its fans were more than happy because the fruit giant never fails to disappoint and it hasn’t done so either this time. For the kickoff of Black Friday 2014, the company has been planning to attach a special (PRODUCT) RED iTunes gift card along with each product and this offer coming right in time for Black Friday, is also a part of its campaign to support World AIDS Day 2014. The gift cards given to customers will be valued between $25 and $100 depending on the product they buy.zahipedia_apple

We might be thinking to ourselves whether this is actually a discount for Black Friday but the truth is that we aren’t so surprised either. Those well aware of the company know that this certainly isn’t a big surprise that the company isn’t offering direct discounts on its products. This approach has been quite familiar with the company where it retains the actual price of the product but offers gift cards in place of discounts. Every customer can receive the gift card along with their purchase.

However, there are only a few selected items with which you will be able to avail your gift cards. The list below shows the products which you will have to buy in order to get a gift card which you can redeem later at the store;

Select Mac models – $100 iTunes gift card

Any iPhone – $50 iTunes gift card

Any iPad – $50 iTunes gift card

Select models of Beats by Dre headphones – $25 iTunes gift card

Apple TV – $25 iTunes gift card

iPod nano – $25 iTunes gift card

iPod touch – $25 iTunes gift card