Try Custom Keyboard for iOS 8

As strange as it may sound, iOS 8 can now be personalized the way you want it to be. Especially with the custom keyboard for iOS 8, you can change the entire experience of typing a message in a Apple device

With the launch of iOS 8, we see a lot of new functions and features that have changed. With that, we also see several apps coming up giving multiple options to customize the way iOS 8 works. For example, the app in discussion today is Custom Keyboard – which completely re-vamps your keyboard whenever it shows up while you have to type something.

The custom keyboard app allows you to change fonts, languages, keyboard shape and even the background for the keyboard. In short, you can do a million changes or customizations for your texting window. So much so, with the custom keyboard app, you can put a background image for your keyboard of your own choice.


Until we actually played much with the custom keyboard app, we didn’t know that you can actually create your own custom keyboard from scratch. That’s right, custom keyboard for iOS 8 allows you to customize your keyboard from key type to choose a language from 40 languages to selecting an overall color theme with background images.

The pre-loaded keyboards in Custom Keyboard app also gives an experience which is exactly the same as while you are working on a Apple Macbook. When you select the Macbook keyboard, you’ll see similar black spaced keys with white text and backlight on – as if you are typing on a Macbook.

However, with all these customization options, you always have a choice to revert any done changes and restore your keyboard view to default. The custom keyboard app is compatible with iPad Air and iPhone 6 along with all other devices that support iOS 8. Do take a shot at custom keyboard for iOS 8 and see for yourself – how much can you customize your theme.