Top 5 Sources for User Manuals

You’ve bought it, but not sure how to use it? Here is a list of Top 5 websites for you to download user manuals for practically almost everything – ranging from cars to your back-yard BBQ grill.

It’s comes natural to us as our excitement levels get surging high once we purchase a new gadget or an electronic device fresh in the market. Relying on our natural instincts, we try to set them up or get started without reading any user manuals or instructions.

Sometimes, we don’t even know where the manual is unless, we get stuck in experiencing the product. It is then, when we go on searching the wonderful world of internet, hoping to find something that would help us getting through setting up the product.

Today, we list top 5 sources and websites for downloading user manuals for tech gadgets of all kind.


5. Central Manuals
The only reason this site ranks at the bottom of our list of top 5 sites to download user manuals is because of its not so friendly user experience. However, the site has a huge database consisting of almost every user manual for software and hardware in a downloadable PDF file format.


4. SCRIBD Instruction Manuals
Known for a huge databank of all kinds of downloads – Scribd has a whole section for manuals of most used electronic gadgets and software programs. The only problem with Scribd is that if you don’t have a paid account, you can’t really download every document that is uploaded. Besides, it is up to the user to permit user to download the document or not.


3. is yet another online source that shares information not only for user manuals and guides but also maintains a library for important webpages, books, songs, movies, etc. In short, it is a good source to find mostly useful manuals for different electronic devices.


2. Apple Manuals
Although with Apple devices, it’s a rare chance that one might get stuck in setting something up or using an program on any of their devices. Yet, there is an entire help center with manuals that can be downloaded as wells videos for most common scenarios out there.


1. Manuals Online
On top of our list of top 5 websites for downloading user manuals is Manuals Online. A site specifically built with a purpose to help users of various programs and gadgets find and download their user guides. It currently banks manuals for around 700,000 products and their different versions.


In all, this is just a mere attempt to help you find good sources to download and find user manuals online. If you know other interesting sources, do post them in your comments.