Samsung Galaxy S Edge | Verified Specs & Features

While we all are aware of the soon to be launch of Samsung Galaxy S6, we also will be seeing a side-launch of Samsung Galaxy S Edge. Read through the article for verified specs and features of the new Samsung Galaxy S Edge.

Curves are in – and it’s not a future design automobile or the effeminate we are discussing here. Smart phone designs have completely taken a new context and Samsung can proudly take most of the credit for it. It was recently in rumors that Samsung will be announcing the launch of another smart phone apart from the latest addition to it’s flagship Galaxy S series. And here it is, Samsung Galaxy S Edge will be latest phone out in the market with not just one, but two curves.

Samsung Galaxy S Edge
Samsung Galaxy S Edge

With an introductory price, starting from $800.00, Samsung Galaxy S Edge would have almost a similar design as to that have Samsung Galaxy S6. However, the features and specifications would vary. Here is what exactly Samsung Galaxy S Edge would carry along:

The new Samsung Galaxy S would have a 5.1 inches of display with a 1440 x 25600 QHD – Super AMOLED screen display. The phone will not be water-proof phone but will have a very strong processor to run the OS.

As of now, these are the only features and specifications for Samsung’s Galaxy S Edge that have been verified. Anything apart from this can still be perceived as a rumor. What we can do expect is to hear anything more on it from Samsung or wait till it’s launch date which for is planned as March 1st.