Future of mobile: Definitely not games or social networking apps

Smart phones have completely re-defined how we spend a day in our lives. Only a few envisioned that a person carrying a smart phone would spend almost 30% of their time interacting with the device – and this does not include voice calls or text messages. Read through to know how smart phones are shaping the future of tech world.

Future of mobile

Recent studies have reflected interesting facts on how users intend to use their mobile devices. And based on these studies, businesses have re-shaped their strategy regarding what to offer to their users. In other words, business have adapted a shift from push to pull when it comes to gaining market traction. Users with now smartphones do not have to find business presence but businesses can now find their users.

To make it simpler, the use of location based services have led several idea generators to turn around the concept and make productive use of it, rather sticking to the conventional school of thought as letting others know where you are. There are now apps that allow you to find and search nearby locations using your current location. So instead of going to the internet or using Google Maps, you can simply turn on your location services and your application can share relevant places such as coffee shops, restaurants, shopping places, doctors, schools and such relevant places.

Not only this, even the app store or play store seems to be different as compared to what it looked like at the time when smart phones were rolled out in the market. The world accepted and got involved in using smartphones for social networking, establishing connections with long distant friends and family or playing games to test device performance. But now, things seem to be a bit different.

Online commerce or e-Commerce has taken a leap in terms of expanding its user base. More transactions are taking place online and that through mobile devices as compared to in-store transactions. Mobile Point of Sale systems have been rolled out by several large retail brands to provide convenience to their users.

In short, the future of mobile apps is no where near to that of what it was a year a go. It’s now time for developers and entrepreneurs to mark their ground in the app world by developing apps for online commerce.