Windows 10 is free!! No need to activate.

Windows 10 is the next big thing around the world. Almost everyone will be receiving Windows 10 update in near future. For better awareness, Microsoft has recently launched a Technical Preview of the upcoming Windows OS, which can be installed on laptops.

However, a couple of bugs have been reported by the users in this version. A number of links on internet that offer a Windows 10 OS preview are harmful for your laptop, since it comes with unsafe files. In case you come across such link, do not click the link as it will install malicious software in your laptop.

Windows 10
Windows 10

Watch Out for Harmful Links

As mentioned above, a number of videos or links currently available online are either no good, or carry harmful files. IT analysts strictly prohibit users from visiting such links or videos. The videos are usually equipped with such links that can be visited by clicking on them. You may never want to install these files on your machine, since they cause a number of complications eventually slowing machine down as well as its performance.

Before the installation of the preview version of Windows 10, the user needs to ensure that an updated antivirus program is installed on the machine. It will be highly beneficial if the user would run an antivirus program after the Windows 10 technical preview is installed. Sometimes, its better if you back up, erase the complete hard drive, and then perform the new OS installation. The interesting part is that a number of links and videos are available throughout the internet, however, its all scammed. Any video or link that offers a product activation code or a serial key through a video should not be clicked.

Windows 10 Activation

The steps are fairly simple to follow.

In a number of scenarios, a user is never prompted for activation window, however, in case it does please follow the below mentioned points.

There is an official page where Microsoft has placed the link to download Windows 10 OS preview version. Once you are on this website, move to the bottom of the page

You will find ‘Product Key’ close to where it mentions download links

Once that product key is entered on the prompt key, it will repeat the same steps which are performed during Windows 8 installation.

Since the software is currently a beta version, it should not be utilized as your primary OS.

According to the latest news, Windows 10 Technical Preview version will end in April 2015. Therefore, in order to experience the upcoming latest Windows 10 OS, better hurry up. The complete version of Windows 10 OS will be released later in the last quarter of 2015.