Emergence of Technology Idea to Blend Computers And Brains

Entrepreneur and a Multi-millionare, Elon Musk is looking forward to blend machine and man with a new start-up wanting to design the cutting-edge brain implant technology.

The owner of SpaceX and TEsla has recently launched Neuralink with an aim to connect computers directly with human brains. Neuralink wants to design and develop, what they call, “neura-lace” technology in order to embed electrodes of small brain that probably on a day download and upload thoughts, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Musk’s Tweets And Actions Are Already Focused Towards It!

Even in his tweet, he mentioned more details about a piece designed and developed in Neuralink to be coming out, admitting it would be difficult to dedicate the time to the project but added how the existential risk is too high not to do that. You can click on the link to check the tweet. Looking at the hired academics in this field and as per a person brief to the Journal, Musk is probably planning to fund the project and the company all by himself. If not all, then mostly by himself.

Musk has previously called the exponential growth of Artificial intelligence a biggest existential threat to the humanity, however believes immensely in creating viable solutions to machines arising against humans with the help of nanobot brain implants. “I think if we can effectively merge with AI by improving the neural link between the cortex and your digital extension of yourself, which already exists but just has a bandwidth issue, then effectively, you become an AI-human symbiote,” Musk told Y-Combinator last year.

The basic technology that Neuralink is currently working on will create a biological connection between the internet and human brain. This is probably hundredth time scientists have experimented with human brains, looking to explore new opportunities. As a result, today we have various devices in medical industry that are created to fill various medical requirements of patients who have nothing more to lose for example electrode arrays and a couple of other implants. These inventions have been used by the doctors to help ameliorate various effects of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and similar neurodegenerative medical issues. The good thing is the positive result we have received from them. Now, we have people(not much but a few) that has brain implants, and are living properly.

Another Start Up Might Also Join The League!

Additionally, there is a new start-up, Kernell, incepted by the co-founder of Braintree, Bryan Johnson, is also working towards improving human cognition. As a matter of fact, their team of engineers, developers and neuroscientists are working to reversing the impacts of different neurodegenerative diseases, which actually will make the brain work faster and will make it more wired.

With such technologies, the opportunities and the possibilities for human mind seems endless. If there is anything I can think of after getting to know about this, in particular, is the movie Matrix. Perhaps, it’s where Musk have gotten the idea from–the idea of connecting human brains wirelessly to the digital world, or vice-versa.