How to Choose Best Headphones for Running?

Running is one of the best ways to relax, stay fit, get rid of disturbing thoughts, experience fresh air and listen to the favorite music simultaneously. Most people are using this time for checking out new albums of favorite bands, new releases, or to listen to audio lessons, news or broadcasts of masterclasses from You want to have a good quality of sound. You also don’t want the headphones to fall out your ears.

What are running headphones?

There is not much difference between regular and running headphones; only you decide which one to buy and enjoy during jogging. It is reasonable to pay attention to a few features like the form and the sound. This is an intimate stuff. Choosing the best option may last for a while but worth long-running morning or evening trips around the city or the park accompanied by a favorite band.

Wireless or not?

High quality Bluetooth headphones is a dream of every runner. No wire – no problems. This is convenient and attractive. Unfortunately, they are not that irreproachable as it seems. Together with advantages, you get the necessity to charge them. Once you forget to charge them, the training is canceled. If you are ready to keep track on the battery level, then go for it and enjoy wireless pleasure.


For all apple holders, headphone choice is out of the question. Once you have your apple music with all the favorite albums and collections, you would probably like to have the wireless AirPods which are more than convenient. They provide a user with 5 hours of active listening time plus charging case which provide 24 hours of listening. 15 minutes of charge grants three hours of music. This is convenient when you suddenly realized that AirPods are empty. Yes, the fear of losing one is a valuable obstacle. According to the Apple official release, the form is created especially for active training. Together with a hat or a headwrap, it will be ok.

BeatsX Earphones

Another option offered by Beats together with Apple are BeatsX Earphones. They are 10 dollars cheaper, have a nice look, and according to some feedbacks, the sound is better. Together with a unique neck wrap shape, they have additional secure-fin wingtips to provide the best fit. The magnetic earbuds help them stay together in your pocket bringing extra comfort. They also offer eight hours of active listening. Without the fear of losing one, you can use these earbuds for a workout.

Bose® QuietComfort® 35 Wireless Headphones II

For those who prefer the big sound with big a sports headset Bluetooth, these are the best wireless earbuds. The best feature except for the form, wireless set and time of active listening, is noise cancellation. Not reduction but a cancellation. They are created for introverts or people who want to dive deep into the world of sound without being distracted. They are perfect not only for running but also for all kinds of sport. They can handle up to twenty hours of active listening. The wire is always applicable not to let a low charge prevent you from listening.

How to choose?

These are only three examples of wireless headphones with different shapes. The shape is the first thing to decide. Whether you like a big or invisible option, it defines your further search. Most of them are designed to fit your head and ears perfectly, but people are different which means trying them on your head or ears is the must. The next step is your budget. Think about how much are you ready to spend for the quality of sound. It can also become a good motivation for everyday training.

What to pay attention to?

It is tricky now to connect to your iPhone, so here you should think about official AirPods or wireless options. The shape is essential. Do not order headphones online. Try to go to the shop and listen to all of them carefully. Sennheiser have loud low sound; Coss has sharp upper tones. Choose the ones that are convenient for you. This tip is not applicable for those who head a pair of headphones to listen to the audio lessons. In this case, you can save some money and buy a budget pair.