How to lock a PDF file?

With the advancement of technology, everything available on the internet has security breaches. And this breach can badly affect your reputation if your business deals are edited in papers or if you are working on something confidential. For example:

  • Doctors have to keep their patient’s information and history confidential.
  • Lawyers have to keep the whole case study confidential from the opponent party.
  • Some of your projects are to be kept secure unless the moment to unveil comes.

With the origin of portable document format, digital documentation is much easier to circulate among people around the world. But the question is how to protect confidentiality so no one except you can edit or copy them. Soda PDF provides a reliable feature, in this case, to protect and secure your documents from being edited.

By setting certain permission in soda PDF, you can restrict people from viewing whom you don’t want to show your file. And you can also control your file from being edited by someone else. We are going to tell you how to lock a PDF file so that it is circulated with the restrictions of editing.

Steps To Lock A Pdf File

  1. First of all, you have to open your file in soda PDF for setting permissions. Or if you want to create a new file do it on soda PDF.
  2. Once created go to the tab named “secure and sign” and click it.
  3. Move your pointer over the “secure permission,” and you are done.
  4. A dialog box will pop up asking for security password and level of security. You have the option of restricting some of the features for some users and allow others. You can choose between following encryption levels:
  • Editing and rotating pages.
  • Filling in form fields and signing.
  • Making comments.
  • Extract pages.
  • Printing (either not allowed, low resolution or high resolution)

Why lock a pdf file?

In any company confidentiality is the top priority to excel in the market. The company can get into a huge loss only because of the open files being sent to wrong people. So to protect the integrity of your work, it is important to lock your files to allow them to be viewed only by the concerned persons.

If you allow everyone to edit your created file, then everyone has a different view to edit, and it will end up in a mess. No one is going to listen to your point of view. It will give you a tough time to decide on whom editing to rely upon So, it is better not to allow your file being edited by a lot of people.

Securing your document or file can allow you to share your file with being worry about the security breach. Or if mistakenly sent to the wrong person you don’t have to take stress as it can’t be viewed or edited by them. Soda pdf have made this protection to be done easily and quickly than any other PDF viewer.