Social Media Influencers – How They Influence Your Brand

You might be wondering who these elusive individuals are and why they have any meaningful impact on your company, let’s not even get to the topic of your life, but they do have an impact and they are everywhere. See the beauty of social media is everyone and anyone has the opportunity to become a social media influencer on just about any topic from fitness, through to fashion or even family life and niche topics such as science or the inner world of knitting and hobbyists.

That being said once they have built themselves up their opinions on products and how to go about things heavily influences the opinions of their followers. If you think this is insignificant the average person in 2015 was reported to spend a minimum of one hour and forty minutes on social media and had at least five social media accounts going at any one point in time.

Speaking for the youngest generation at the moment, the vast majority of us have a lot of more than five social media accounts and spend much more time than a mere two hours on social media per day. Therefore, we and many, many other individuals scrolling through Facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or any of the other host of social media sites will be exposed to the opinions of social media influencers.

InstaBrand has found that the hype and shared enthusiasm created when a social influencer speaks on a product, event, service or topic that has been sponsored this generates at least twice as much buzz for a product as traditional advertising methods. Furthermore, the followers who buy in to your brand based on the approval from a social media influencer are far more likely to stick to your brand and continue to purchase from you in the future. In addition, further research conducted has found that people are far more likely to trust the recommendations and reviews of products or services if they come from a social media influencer that they already like, feel connected to and trust.

However, a dilemma comes in with this particular type of marketing as it does not always come out right when the incorrect influencers are chosen. Influencers can be the wrong fit for your brand, when they don’t appeal to the correct type of customers, they have too small of a fan base, they do not market your product correctly or if they content they post is not relevant to the product or industry.

All of this can cause an ad campaign to fail; hence there is the option of blogger outreach. Through this particular medium you are able to have bloggers and other influencers with fully established follower bases handpicked for you that will suit you and your content. They will also be able to approach it in the correct way and thus help to have a far greater chance of a successful promotional campaign. Social media is one of the widest used innovations of the modern age; make sure that your brand uses it correctly.