Top curved monitors you should know about

With most of our jobs requiring the use of computers every day, I am sure we have to sit for a long time in front of monitors to get the work done. And probably continue to do the same at home when you want to watch a movie or play some video games at home. Exposing our eyes to these monitors for so long could definitely hurt our eyes in the long run. This is where curved screens come into play. Samsung curved monitor and other similar monitors provide better range and a very comfortable viewing experience compared to traditional flat screen monitors. You can sit wherever you want and get an ideal image quality without having to deal with color desaturation, contrast degradation and similar things. Let’s take a look at a few of these curved monitors.

  1. HP Z38c:
    This monitor comes with a 37.5-inch screen with a resolution of 3840×1600 resolution at 60Hz refresh rate. The curvature of this monitor is 2300R, which makes the curve look most subtle, but gets the job done. The screen provides almost 98 percent of the sRGB color space, which gives it a lot of room to fill as many different colors as possible. The HP Z38c takes full advantage of it as it supports an impressive amount of around 1 billion colors. When it comes to the technical side of things, it has a response time of 5ms (milliseconds) and it comes equipped with an HDMI port, a display port and a USB C-type port.
  2. AOC AGON:
    The AOC AGON is a 35-inch screen monitor with an MVA panel supporting it. It’s capable of supporting resolutions up to 3440×1400 and has a refresh rate of 100Hz. Just like the previously mentioned monitor, this also comes with an HDMI port and a display port, but has two USB A-type connectors. I know this sound kind of similar to the one mentioned above, but the one thing that sets this far apart is the inclusion of G-sync technology. G-sync technology is compatible with Nvidia graphic cards only. This makes sure that the refresh rate matches the frames per second (fps) of an application or anything that’s being displayed on screen to completely eliminate screen tearing problems, and it works wonderfully.
  3. Samsung CF791:
    This Samsung curved monitor has similar features as the other two monitors mentioned above but it does not include G-Sync. It boasts support for 13.7 million colors and can go up to 3440×1440 resolution. Instead of G-sync, this monitor supports a similar technology that is compatible with AMD cards. I won’t go too much into detail here because Freesync does exactly what G-Sync does, but for AMD graphic cards. Another thing that sets it apart the most is that this monitor uses the quantum dot technology. Imagine pixels but instead of squares, they are dots. This technology makes the color look distinct and it does not bleed into other colors, making the image look vibrant and natural.

These were three of my top curved monitors. I am sure you won’t be disappointed with any of these choices.