Wix Online Logo Maker – The Best FREE Logo Maker Around!

If you have ever set up an online website or managed the online portal for a business, you’ve probably heard of the name Wix. Now as someone who frequently builds websites, I have used the Wix website builder tool a fair few times myself.So when I got the chance to try out their new Wix.com logo maker software, I decided that I would give that a try as well.

Now I tried it out on 3 separate occasions- each time with resounding success. And what I have learned from all 3 of my efforts, I have consolidated into this one article for you guys. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into this one with the pros.

  1. ADI – The Design Centric AI

One of my pet peeves while working with a graphic designer, especially when it comes to logos; is the number of revisions that it takes to achieve a final product that is at best passable. Now this is caused mainly due to the communication gap between the client and the artist as it is sometimes not possible to exactly pen down design ideas. With the Wix ADI, you can depend on an AI that is much more suited for the job. The ADI also has a vast database of iconic logos that you can choose from so that the AI can learn your preferences and create a logo that is uniquely suited to your business. A logo generally reflects a lot about the brand image and how you want to portray yourself to the online world and with a series of intelligent questions, the ADI finds out exactly that. Not only are you saving money by not having to pay for an artist, you also get to see your thoughts being brought to life within a matter of minutes.

  1. The Endless Customizability

While the ADI is great and for 2 of my logos the final product that came after the end of the initial stage was almost perfect, the 3rd logo that I created needed some minor tweaks here and there to get it to look just like I imagined it in my mind. This was where I had been exposed to the Wix Image editor tools that are available as an integral portion of the wix logo maker. You get to choose and edit every portion of the logo you have created, from the background right down to the text. This level of customizability is very important as it is important that we nail every last detail on our logo so that it can attract potential customers who just happen to steal a glance at it. Also in most cases all these little changes and tweaks is something that would cost you in terms of both money and time as the graphic artist would have to make multiple revisions of the logo. WithWix you can save on both of those while you maintaining a very granular level of control of how your final logo design turns out!

  1. The Ease of Use

This one isn’t really a big deal for professional artists or someone who is experienced in digital art but for someone like me it was a big deal. While there are some extremely powerful tools available online for image editing and some of them like Canva are even free to use; the vast majority of them come with a very steep learning curve and are filled with tools that are alien to the common man. The interface ofWix Logo maker is easy to use and intuitive which means that even someone like me who has never really worked on Photoshop before, could just jump right in and create a professional looking logo in under an hour.


But, while the pros for the Wix logo maker are overwhelmingly in its favour, it does have one aspect where I think they might improve. While I certainly wouldn’t call this a con as this is me nitpicking, I think a lot of people would appreciate it if Wix included this change in their next update.

So what is it? Well Wix basically has three tiered plans, the basic, professional and professional+website. But the one that draws the most attention from people is the free offering which allows users to download and use their logo for free. HoweverWix restricts this download to only a very small pixel size and I think a lot of their audience would really appreciate it if they would even let their free users download any size of the logo that they choose.

Well that’s about it, the only flaw that I had been able to find with the Wix Logo Maker. I had used plenty of other competing products before but most of the time they had come up short in various aspects like they had either been too simplistic and lacked design choices or they had been far too complex for the untrained individual to grasp. Wix Logo maker seems to have struck the perfect balance between hand holding and creative freedom and have thus become my online logo maker of choice! I highly recommend that you give it a try, after all, it is FREE!