Must-know Facts About Carrier-Locked Smartphones

It is not a must to be a professional when it comes to technology so that you can enable your phone to work in various networks, but it may be important to understand that your locked phone can limit you in many ways. You will need to unlock it so that you can travel and switch from one carrier to another.

For you to understand about the locked smartphones here are important details that can help you to clarify some things if not all.

1. Truths regarding locked phones

  • Locked phones use a single carrier.
  • It is possible to switch from one owner to another including their carriers, plans, and phone numbers.
  • For you to unlock the phone, you will have to use a wireless carrier.
  • You can know the status of a phone by inserting SIM cards from different carriers. If an error occurs, it means the smartphone is locked.

2. The reason why carriers lock phones

The main reason why most carriers lock phones is to make sure that the users do not switch from one carrier to another. Most carriers believe that locking the phones will help them to safeguard their assets at all cost. Phones that are bought on contracts are not free. You will have to pay the remaining arrears before the contract ends. Therefore, carriers will lock it to make certain that you make payment in full.

3. Why people may want to unlock their phones

People aim at unlocking iphone 6 so that they can have many carriers, which they may use. You may do this by switching to another wireless provider to avoid paying the roaming fees. All you need to do is purchase another SIM card from the local store to pay lower rates for messages and calls. Another good thing about unlocking phones is that they don’t have long-term contracts. This means you will be able to switch from one carrier to another without any problem.

4. How to know that you have a locked phone

You have a locked phone in case you purchased it from a carrier. If you want it unlocked, you can ask the carrier to handle the task for you, but this may not happen once the contract comes into completion. You may be forced to give them a call so that you can have the unlocking request from them. Locked phones may look the same as the unlocked ones, but the settings and everywhere in the phone can make you note the difference between these two. You can always carry out a test in case you are not sure of your phone’s status.

Unlocked phones can prevent you to do so many things in your phone. You do not have to limit yourself from using your phone. Make sure you overcome the temptation of seeking help from a repair shop to assist you to unlock your phone. The best thing, which you should do, is to contact your carrier immediately. Explain everything, and you will get the best services. With these details, you will be able to know when you have a locked phone and the way forward to unlock it.