Mobile Virus ‘Pegasus’ Remains an International Threat

Right now a horrific computer virus is going around and it’s literally a pandemic, spreading from country to country. Right now as we speak, over 45 countries have already been infected by the Pegasus virus.

If you’re not properly prepared with proper spyware protection and anti-spyware, you’re willingly putting your phone at an extreme risk for getting this terrible spyware.

What On Earth Is the Pegasus Virus?

The Pegasus virus is an extremely dangerous form of spyware developed by an Israeli surveillance organization. This virus was designed to breach into Androids and iPhones to steal large amounts of information from the phones.

Emails, texts, photos and even things as specific as WhatsApp data can be stolen from your phone.

Phones without anti-spyware can even have their camera, microphone and GPS hacked in real-time.

As of 2018, there are currently 6 countries that use Pegasus that have a track record of using spyware to monitor their citizens and the citizens of other countries.

Trust us when we say it. It is completely in the realm of possibility for your phone to get completely hacked by hackers from another country.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a type of software that embeds itself into a computer or phone leaving little traces of its existence. Spyware is installed without the device user’s knowledge and it allows the transfer of data from the target to the criminal.

Spyware can steal your personal information and it has the potential to gain access to your device’s functionality. This means that spyware can look at private information like your documents, pictures, credit card information, or more

How to Secure Your Phone From the Pegasus Virus

While the Pegasus spyware is extremely dangerous, it is still possible to defend against.

The key to not getting infected by the Pegasus Virus is to make sure that your phone is geared up with at least one anti-spyware or spyware protection software to keep your personal information safe.

While the Pegasus Virus is Dangerous, it is Far from Invincible

As long as you have some sort of anti-spyware software on your phone, you have nothing to fear. The software will keep your phone safe from all kinds of threats, from malware to spyware, and even phishing.

If you choose to not heed my warning, the only thing you can really do is just try your best to stay away from untrustworthy sites, though this strategy is not really enough.

When it comes to spyware, you should just play it safe and leave it to the professionals to take care of it for you.