Tips for buying a first watch

The purchase of a first watch raises a lot of questions. So a special article offering some tips to be able to make the right choice will not be refusal I guess? From the right brand to the right budget, I suggest you take your time and become a specialist in the purchase of luxury watches what do you say?

Start a watch collection

Whether from birth, inheritance, love for a factory or after a discussion with a passionate, the passion of watches is transmitted extremely fast. So there are multiple possibilities to start a watch collection, I suggest you browse this new file for advice that many of us would have liked to benefit from.

What price for a first luxury watch

Well not too expensive, if you want it! Say $ 1,000 maximum! The first watch in your collection will also be the subject of your first mistakes, unless you have learned again and again and have hesitated for a long time, it is likely that you are struck by the phenomenon “first luxury watch” and whether you are “blinded” by the design, the brand, or any other aspect that may deter you from finding the ideal one.

Constant, Tissot and so on.

My first “passion” watch in 2007 was a Seiko Kinetic Sportura for $ 1,050; by passion, I mean the first timepiece I bought knowing that watches really mattered to me. A year later, I knew I still wanted a chrono, but with a more dressed look, a thinner design, and especially Swiss Made. So, I offered myself a beautiful Rado Ceramica XL chronograph with a budget that had almost tripled.

Attention, there is no question, in these few lines, to exclude the purchase of a major brand or icon of watchmaking for your first watch. It all depends on your ability to invest and your ability to handle high-end watches. In addition, everyone will have saved differently (or not). The general idea is to stay reasonable and better understand what really suits you! This is a first purchase believe me, there will be others … Many others.

Which brand of watches to choose?

Want Rolex Explorer? Or Patek Philippe? First define a budget, this will allow you to focus your research on the panel of adapted brands. This will prevent you from overtaking more or less excessive or violent. Then, after a quick review of the timepieces and brand atmosphere of each house, it may be the history of the factory that will guide you. Maybe it will be too much sport-oriented or will it be mainly present in cultural, cinematographic or other events and will therefore have your full attention.

Quartz watches, mechanical or automatic?

Make your choice! To be clear, giving a precise answer to the question “Should I opt for a quartz or automatic” is difficult. Difficult because there is no rule. Once again, you choose according to your desires and your budget. In general, there is a start in quartz and an “evolution” of the collection to the automatic mechanics and some manual pumping. It is common to observe on websites and forums.

Multi or single-brand?

As with the progressive appeal of watchmaking in a collection, being a single-brand is often the result of a long, long, multi-brand passion. All fans of mono-brand watches that I had the pleasure of meeting were primarily multi-brand enthusiasts. They have often owned the most emblematic pieces; Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega or Officine Panerai watches and realized one day that they only wore this or that brand because everything brought them there, they decided to succumb totally.

I hope you can gain some knowledge from reading this article to make sure you can avoid future mistakes.