Best FrostWire Alternatives for Mac OS X

FrostWire is a free torrent client for mobile and desktop devices, including Mac. It provides one of the fastest decoding algorithms among torrent downloaders. Besides downloading, it allows you to preview all files including listening to audio and viewing videos. With the built-in player, you can play content without the need to switch between apps. Used with the integrated direct torrent browser, FrostWire will save you a significant amount of time.

No matter how good it is, some users may not need all the features, while others may still lack something. Let’s look at another 3 torrent clients for Mac OS X that may match your needs better. If you think that FrostWire suits you best, you can read the full Frostwire review.


This is one of the oldest torrent solutions for Mac that haven’t been changed for 13 years but remains one of the best clients. It has gained the love of users who love the minimalistic interface. Transmission looks just like an ordinary utility that is always here to help. About 50% of collaborators claimed that they use it on their Macs for at least 2 years and don’t feel the need to change it.

Unlike such popular app as uTorrent and BitTorrent, it never shows any ads and doesn’t require payment for unlimited downloading speed. You can use it to download and upload an unlimited number of files. Settings allow you to assign prior objectives and set appropriate speed for each torrent separately. LPD, MTP, and UDP trackers may also run simultaneously, though you can’t subscribe to RSS channels without third-party add-ons. Transmission is just for basic torrent operations, but it performs them very well.


Vuze is one more pioneer torrent client for OS X remaining an only free solution that makes the clearnet torrent files visible for Invisible Internet Project (I2P). It means that you can download and upload torrents to and from both clearnet and I2P and remain anonymous. You can seed I2P files to the whole Internet without showing your actual IP due to the benefits of peer-to-peer communication.

These features broaden the library of available torrents significantly. Don’t worry about the law, because Azureus Software is a legal company under the GNU General Public License. Other features of this application are quite basic.


The last – but not the least – BitLord is a torrent client that provides a clutter-free interface, an integrated player for video and audio. Similarly to FrostWire, it can stream torrents while they are in progress. You can create and share convenient playlists and play them in any order you like. However, there is one difference between this app and FrostWire that attracted the attention of It has a notable slant on creating and managing torrents. You can schedule an unlimited number of torrents for download and upload to allocate the speed. Moreover, it provides torrent encryption for both operations.


FrostWire is still one of the friendliest OS X torrent clients for personal use on Apple computers. If you find features of the other reviewed applications more matching, you’re free to try them. Remember, the best choice is the one that satisfies you.