How to get thousands of YouTube subscribers from scratch

How to get thousands of YouTube subscribers from scratch

A large community, in terms of quantity and quality of users, is a huge source of traffic and typical characteristics of successful YouTube channels. No wonder all of us want to have the maximum number of subscribers to our channel.

A good subscriber base is an important source of direct traffic, but they are also a valuable growth engine for your channel, because these people will share your videos with others, which will increase your channel growth.

However, if you don’t have much experience, you can try to use YouberUp.

As a large platform, YouberUp is such a good place where tons of real YouTubers gather to watch YouTube videos and subscribe to channels they are interested in. By watching videos, subscribing to channels, or liking videos, every YouberUp user can easily earn coins that can be used to get massive free subscribers, views, and likes. Gaining real YouTube subscribers and high-quality views has never been easier with YouberUp.

Main Features:

– Unlimited free YouTube subscribers, views, and likes

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How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers with YouberUp

Step 1: Search YouberUp on Google Play to download and install it on your Android phone.

Step 2: Create a YouberUp account and login with your account. The first time you login with YouberUp, you will get 1000 free coins with which you can get YouTube subscribers, free YouTube views or likes for your videos.

Step 3: Tap the heart-shaped menu at the bottom and you will enter the “Pricing Plan” page, where you canswitch between Views, Subscribers and Likes.

Step 4: Tap Subscribers, input your YouTube channel URL and click the search icon.

Step 5: Select a plan and click “Get Subscribers Now” button. YouberUp will start to delivery subscribers to your channel.

You can check the progress of the task from the task list.

Why is it so important to have quality subscribers?

A good subscriber is someone who really cares about your topic and trusts you.

These people will share your video, post comments, and in short, your channel will grow on its own when you reach the threshold. This is the famous snowball effect on the Internet, and it will be particularly strong when it occurs.

The key to quickly attracting YouTube subscribers:

1. Identify the needs to be met

If it is to be successful, any website, including the YouTube channel, needs a well-defined theme to meet actual needs.

If someone subscribes to your video, it’s because the video and the topic arouse their interest, and they want to see more similar videos. If your videos deal with different topics every day without any relationship, then you will disappoint those expectations and lose your subscribers.

Therefore, please start with the name and cover of the channel, fully measure the theme of the channel, and make it as clear as possible to the audience.

2. Make a good first impression on your channel

Your first impression of the channel will seriously affect your subscription decision.

Channels with shabby names, shabby images, etc. have little motivation. This is logical.

I’m not saying that you don’t have subscribers like this, but if your channel has a good image, you will definitely get more subscribers with the same content.

Therefore, do not ignore this aspect. For convenience, you can learn how to create a YouTube channel and give it a good image here.