5 Best Ways to Send & Receive Fax from Email

Fax continues to be an important part of business communication. Despite the importance of fax documents, fax machines have become dated. This is because it is now possible to send faxes from a platform as simple as an email. 

If you are reading this, you probably are wondering how to send a fax from email. If that’s the case, you are in good luck as this article would provide you the insight into the best email fax services there are to exist. 

There are many online faxing service providers in the industry right now, but below five fax service providers are the best in the business:

  1. CocoFax: Best Email Fax Service

CocoFax is a renowned name as the online faxing service provider. CocoFax offers a range of faxing services that are second to none. No other application is anywhere close to the complete package of faxing paraphernalia that CocoFax provides. 

One might wonder what makes CocoFax so special and different from other fax service providers. The more you know about CocoFax, the eager you would be to subscribe for it. Below are the reasons why CocoFax tops the leaderboard:

Free Fax Number

CocoFax takes away all your faxing troubles. You do not even need to apply for a fax number as this platform offers you one absolutely free. The fax number is granted as a part and parcel of your subscription.

30 Day Free Trial

CocoFax is transparent in its pricing. It doesn’t pose any hidden costs that only come to light after you head for a subscription. The 30 Day free trial period really makes the application stands out. Unlike other online fax service providers, CocoFax is genuine during the trial period.

Unlike the extremely short trial periods offered by other email fax services, the one offered by CocoFax is a lot. 30 day period is a good enough time to assess the level of your comfort with the application. If you want to relinquish the application, you can cancel the subscription within the trial period with no costs. 

Cost Efficient

When sending an international fax from other fax service providers, your finances could really get affected through cents and dollars spiralling into hefty payouts. With CocoFax, the subscription provides many benefits like allocation of a thousand faxes a month.

On a comparative note, while international fax surcharge ranges from 5 cents and goes up to a dollar, CocoFax allows surcharge less free international faxes. Isn’t that extremely cost efficient? Those businesses that send faxes on a large volume can save so much costs!

Some online faxing services also provide free faxes but exclude international faxes from that list. Therefore, under the pretense of free fax, you really would get no cost benefit for international faxes. But, that’s not the case with CocoFax, it offers holistically free faxes in the free fax number. 

Fax through Email

CocoFax eases out faxing from email for its users. It allows two fundamentally different modes of communication to interact, i.e. digital mode and telephone analogue mode. The users can email through any popular mails like Gmail, yahoo mail, outlook, Hotmail, etc.

Sending a fax is so simplified that it seems unbelievable. To send a fax, all you need to do is to compose an email and add a suffix @CocoFax.net to the fax number in the section of recipient. You can then attach the fax document as an attachment. 

This was about sending the fax, you can also receive any fax in your inbox. So, any fax that is sent out to your designated fax number will appear in your inbox. You will receive an email alert like you generally do. 

Delivery Notification 

CocoFax sends you a delivery notification on your email once the fax has been successfully sent, which is almost in all the cases. The only time when a fax is not sent is under the circumstance of a manual error or a fax machine fault. 

Attachable documents

Almost all document types can be attached and sent over to fax through email. All documents in the format of .doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg files are attachable formats. However, users need to note that whatever the format be, the fax is sent out and received as a pdf only. 

Smartphone Compatible

With CocoFax, you do not need to rely upon your desktop or computer only to send out an email. You can also open the CocoFax browser on your smartphone or send a fax from email accessed through smartphone.

  1. PC-Fax.com

PC-Fax.com is also a leading online fax service provider that offers email faxing services. However, it is a little bottlenecked on compatibility as it is compatible with computers, desktops and laptops only in particular. It is not as versatile and flexible as CocoFax. 

  1. RingCentral

RingCentral is also an efficient competitor for sending and receiving faxes. It also has an array of corporate clientele who find this application dependable and secure to send and receive faxes through email. 

  1. MetroFax

Metrofax is also a popular fax service provider. The application has a good enough following with respect to its faxing services through email. It offers reliable customer support and has a proliferating client base. 

  1. FaxBurner

FaxBurner is a dependable online faxing service but provides a disposable fax number. The fax number is created on a requirement basis and this can create a lot of inconsistency in number. So, if you’re looking for one identifiable fax number, FaxBurner might not offer the fax identity you long for.


All the above online fax service providers are a dependable answer to how to send a fax from email. While they all have their own perks and features, none provides the kind of flexibility and versatility that CocoFax offers. 

About CocoFax, it is prompt, swift, secure and offers features that provide leverage of different modes. You do not need to stick to one mode of functioning only. Apart from emailing, you can use the app browser, Microsoft office 365 and even Google Drive to send out faxes. 

Now, if this is not an all rounder faxing service, what is?