Why You Should Consider Renting in Austin, TX

When people think of dream cities they want to live in, answers like New York and Los Angeles frequently come up. However, one city that is rapidly rising up that list is Austin, Texas. Austin has experienced some major growth and is now an attractive option for many different types of residents. Austin seemingly has it all, which is why so many people are flocking to the city. So what’s so great about Austin, and why should you consider looking for houses for rent in Austin, TX? Let’s take a look. 

Affordable Rent Prices

One of the main attractions of Austin is its affordable housing prices. Admittedly prices are rising due to Austin’s gaining popularity, the city is still much more affordable than its larger counterparts. Rent prices in major cities are sky-high in today’s market, often forcing residents to dedicate large portions of their monthly income to housing. By saving some money on housing by living in a city like Austin, you can dedicate extra money to things like entertainment and investments. Additionally, unlike other cheaper locations, Austin still has all the benefits of a major city, giving you the best of both worlds. 

No Income Tax

One of the unique perks of Austin is the fact that it is located in Texas, a state with no income tax. In most states, you must pay a state income tax on the money you earn from your job. Although this tax may not seem like much at first, over time it can really add up. In Texas there is no state income tax, allowing you to earn more money and have more financial flexibility. You can then use the money you save and put it towards other areas such as housing, entertainment, or investments. 


Austin is a city on the rise, mostly due to the city’s booming industry and economy. The city has become a new hub for tech companies and other cutting-edge businesses. For this reason, there are plenty of well-paying jobs in the area. Young professionals have been flocking to Austin to start their careers due to the abundance of well-paying jobs. If you want to live in a city with a strong and growing economy, Austin is the perfect option. 

City Life

As Austin has grown in popularity, so too has its city life. Austin is a hub for young professionals looking to start their careers, so the city has had an injection of youth in recent years. With a large crowd of young people with disposable income, it’s no surprise that Austin’s nightlife has been on the rise. There’s plenty to do in Austin, meaning those that like to let loose and go out will be right at home in the city. If you want to live in a city with a vibrant and growing nightlife scene, you’ll surely never be bored living in Austin.