Top Ranked Tracker Tool:

Today, business is impossible without online advertising. People search different queries using keywords. So, it is important to include the necessary keywords in the texts on your website. The words should include the most frequent units from queries. You should know the frequency of each keyword to choose the best ones. To learn the position of keywords, you can use a rank tracker tool like Let’s look at the main features of this SEO ranked tracker.

  1. The rank tracker finds information both on your PC and mobile device

It is one of the main features of the mobile rank tracking tool. There is software to let you use it on your mobile phone. Queries on PC and on mobile devices differ. So, it is important to analyze and combine the two versions. has this feature. You will find the keywords depending on your location.

  1. Compare your competitors

The rank tracker also allows finding your local competitors. You will see their success and their searching queries. Your competitors use similar queries as you need. So, you may see the best of them and the words they choose. This lets you understand which words you should choose for your texts. They will bring you the most success. You can also compare your domain with another one.

  1. Set notifications

The best rank tracker lets the customers choose their favorite keywords. You can create groups of keywords. Then you can set notifications to see the changes in these words. You will receive messages about the changes in different categories. It is a good opportunity to see the news and apply them on your website.

  1. See rank statistics has a feature to set statistics. You may choose the period you want to see. The statistics will show the changes in keywords and their frequency. You will see which ones bring the biggest success and are the most stable.

  1. Download the report

When you see the ranking, you need to save it for the future. On the website, you can download the report in Excel. This will let you easily arrange the information and analyze it.

How to Use the SERP Tool? The Steps to Create a Project

There is a free trial and a PRO version of To start using the tool, you should register on the website. Then, you need to create a project and name it. In the project, add the websites you need to check. You should write the domains to compare them. After that, enter the keywords in the appropriate section.

There will be a field to fill in to check the domains. You should state your location, language,  browser, and your country. These settings are important for a clear result. You will see the TOP-100 websites with your keywords. You will get a notification on your email. Then you can download the ranking report if you need it. You can easily find the necessary information in the Excel report.