How Technology Has Changed and Advanced During the Pandemic

Since the arrival of coronavirus in December of 2019, the entire world has been greatly impacted. From travel restrictions to curfews and overwhelmed healthcare systems, it’s certainly something that has altered the way we do things.

One positive change is the recent advancements in technology. It now plays a very crucial role, keeping us safe and connecting us with our friends and family.

In this article, we are going to take a look at just some of the different ways technology has changed and advanced since the recent pandemic.

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Online Learning

One of the most significant changes that has undoubtedly affected our youth is distance and online learning. Many schools and universities are now doing digital lessons in order to cope with quarantine measures.

However, it might not be as bad as it seems as there are many advantages to online learning. Technology such as video communication augmented and virtual reality makes lessons fun and exciting.

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Digital Payments

Contactless payments were around before the pandemic began, but it is now recommended and preferred, with some businesses eliminating cash altogether. Instead, E-wallets, pay wave, and QR codes allow customers to pay for the goods without having to touch anything.

Alongside this, different methods are now available for online purchases. You can choose to pay in installments using services such as PayPal and After Pay.


Telehealth or telemedicine is the term used to describe the distribution of health-related services via electronic platforms. It’s become one of the most critical technologies during the last two years, helping relieve pressure on the healthcare system.

Chatbots can assist patients with initial diagnoses based on their symptoms, and wearables to track vital signs have also become a major advancement. With more and more updates being made daily, it will be interesting to see how this area will improve further in the future.

Online Shopping

With many businesses being forced to close, it makes sense that online shopping has quickly skyrocketed. Websites, marketing, and delivery services have all shown areas of improvement.

It’s not just regular stores that have been taking advantage of this either. Spas and beauty salons are offering “at-home kits,” bars are hosting happy hours with delivery, and you can get all of your groceries sent straight to your doorstep.

Virtual Visits

Travel is one thing that we are all missing, so some organizations have created virtual tours to keep everyone satisfied. Using your smartphone or computer, you can enjoy visits to some of the most iconic destinations worldwide.

The best part is that most of these are free to access. So check out webcam viewings of animals at the San Diego Zoo, explore the trails of national parks, and see the incredible exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art.

There are so many different tours that can cure your boredom.

Remote Work

Another significant change for many individuals across the world is remote working. Most companies encourage it to prevent the risk of COVID infections. 

Working from home means that employees need to have access to all of the necessary technology. We aren’t just talking about computers and phones either.

To complete all of their necessary tasks, a wide selection of tools are required. For example, virtual meetings have to be organized, VPNs are used to protect online identities, and task management software is needed to keep operations running smoothly.

It’s a lot to learn, and people have had to adapt quickly.

Online Entertainment

We already talked about virtual visits, but it’s important to note that there are other forms of online entertainment. For example, concerts and other shows are now being streamed via platforms, and online gaming has seen an incredible rise.

Even though in-person interactions are being reduced, everyone is finding unique ways to stay in touch with their loved ones. Individuals can even play trivia, escape rooms, and other games over zoom to pass the time. So there really are a lot of options.


The industries that took the biggest hit during the pandemic were the ones that were labor-intensive. With employees being sick, the demand for automatic systems and robotics quickly increased.

Robots are now being used in various ways, from monitoring patients in hospital beds to assisting with the manufacturing processes. Yes, this is reducing the need for physical jobs. However, it is also creating plenty of new opportunities at the same time.

3D Printing

3D printing is another technology that has been around for a while. However, the pandemic has heightened its usage, especially in the medical field.

This is because equipment can be made on-site quickly in a hygienic and stable environment. For example, one production was the use of 3D-printed face masks to protect medical staff. 

While there are still some issues, it’s clear that we will see more use of this technology in the future.


Finally, with all of these technological advancements, working using digital systems means that cybersecurity has also had to be improved. Businesses need to be able to send and receive information privately, so keeping data safe is essential.

Software is consistently being updated to detect threats, and the cloud assists with safe data sharing online. While there has also been an increase in covid related phishing, governments around the world have been working together to keep these to a minimum.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above, there have certainly been some significant advancements in the technology industry. While some individuals understandably have concerns about this, it’s wise to see things in a different and more positive light.

Yes, there have been a lot of changes, but it’s incredible to see how quickly we have adapted, considering how much of the world has been impacted. With new tools available daily, we have worked together to get through this time in the safest way possible.