One Button Controller

Ever notice how the remote controller for TVs or Audio/Video players are getting more and more complicated? Well worry no more! Here we introduce the awesomeness of the one-button controller. Made by one Brian Garret Schuur, it is according to him a protest against the overly and unnecessarily complicated designs of universal remote controls in general.

The picture above shows a working prototype that is used for demo so this is not just one of those crazy ideas that never actually work.

Fancy that! One button to control all the essential functions of your TV! Although we are not quite sure exactly how it works, we do know that a fully functioning prototype has been made for demonstration purposes. If nothing else, one imagines that many companies will adopt the design just to cut costs. After all one button must be easier to manufacture than say 30-40 odd buttons.

6 Replies to “One Button Controller”

  1. This biggest change for a small part of electronic sounds good. But wondering how one can use this one buttton device for all the medias at one place. Good step to move forward.

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