Seagate Solid State Drives

Seagate, one of the leading manufacturers of Hard Disk Drives or magnetic disk media is planning to enter the Solid State Drives market as early as 2009. While these plans have been made to provide for enterprise level consumers initially, it is anticipated that it will not be too long before Seagate enters the consumer market as well.

The issue seems to be that consumers are not yet familiar with the product and therefore query its endurance and performance as compared to hard disk drives. For those who are unaware, Solid State drives work on a similar principle as do USB disk drives and use flash memory. The main advantage being that as there are no mechanical parts involved in Solid State Drives, therefore the transfer of data is significantly faster. Considering the fact that consumers in general and gamers in particular look for performance in all computer related peripherals, the future for storage seems to be with SSDs. This is apparently what Intel and Samsung believe as they both have already started shipping SSDs for both enterprise and consumer use.

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