Yahoo Web Analytics Unleashed

In other words, Yahoo! is going head to head with Google Analytics with this new service. Web analytics for those who are unaware is the study of the performance of websites. This is done so that people who are managing the site get feedback on changes or updates, etc and stakeholders (actual or potential) in the site can keep track of the website’s performance.

Yahoo! acquired IndexTools a web analytical service providing site on  the 9th of April 2008 and it is has recently enabled beta access to the service. The usage is limited and new features will be made available in stages throughout the rest of 2008 and possibly into early 2009. Essentially for webmasters, this service is aimed at both enterprise level and small business level customers.

The most significant feature that Yahoo! has made available that is not currently provided by Google Analytics is the real time reporting. This assumes of course that the website has users who are active enough that when new content or for example pricing is made, its effects can be immediately viewed. Definitely worth a look into even if you decide to stick with Google in the end. To go to the site click on the following link:

Yahoo! Web Analytics

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  1. I think yahoo can’t compete Google as maximum sites are using Google analytics an they did not like to move to Yahoo. May be new user like to move.

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