$7000, no wait $6999 for a TV

No we are not crazy and this is USD and not some other currency either. Clearly there has to be a good reason for such a price. Well so think Mitsubishi having launched the world’s first laser powered television. Although a bit late (originally slated for 3rd quarter of 2008 release), it still comes in as the world’s first. There are quite a few features that make this interesting, shall we say.

Firstly, and possibly most importantly in an era where energy costs are at an unexpected high and expected to rise more if anything, Mitsubishi claims that this LaserVue TV consumes a third of the energy required for LCD TVs and a fourth of that required by plasma TVs. It is rated at 135 Watts, which is frankly speaking less than some of the 21″ CRT TVs of yore.

Next, the Mitsubishi LaserVue TV has the ability to produce twice the colors of LCD TVs as claimed by Mitsubishi. This is in addition to having a wall mountable frame that is about tenish inches thick.

It has a 1080p display and 4 HDMI inputs and is also capable of producing 3D images (3D spectacles are not included). Furthermore source devices must also be capable of producing 3D images (game consoles for example can do so).

All in all, not a bad package, but the price effectively removes it from being considered. The fact is it is the first of its kind and therefore has a high premium attached. We expect that as competitors respond with similar products, prices for laser TVs will start falling to something more reasonable. Furthermore, one should always wait for second generation products because the first generation almost always has bugs and quirks that need to be worked out.

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