Sony Vaio P series the high profile laptop

Sony Vaio P certainly is better than the other Sony Vaio(s) and not only this, Sony Vaio P takes lead when it comes to price. Sony Vaio P makes it really tough for an individual to decide whether to empty pockets for an eight-inch  notebook or not.

Sony Vaio P has been in discussion not solely because of its specs and features, but also due to the price tag it carries. Sony Vaio P is currently tagged around $899.99 in the U.S. market and around 919 euros in Euroland. That means, Sony Vaio P is sold at 40 per cent plus mark-up from U.S. price.

The Sony Vaio P (for pocket) comes in different shades. Black, crystal white, onyx, emerald green and garnet red add beauty to Sony Vaio P. Go to qwertybro online shop to find a keyboard that will the perfect match for your new laptop. And when it comes to highlighting specs of Sony Vaio P, well, it has an odd 8-inch 1600 x 768 resolution LED backlit X-Black LCD. Also not to forget, Sony Vaio P measures around 120 x 245 x 19.8mm.

Sony Vaio P is also equipped with an Atom Z520 (1.33GHz) processor,  60 GB HDD and 2 GB of on board memory which runs Windows Vista Home Premium.

Sony Vaio P also includes WiFi, BT2.20 + EDR and 3.50 Wireless plus GPS positioning system, webcam and mike. Not only this, Sony Vaio P dual boots to XMB Sony’s trademark Windows Media Centre like GUI the is available on PSX, PSP and Bravia kit.

Sony also acclaimed that Sony Vaio P has a four hour battery life which is quite enough (or may be not) for a 8-inch notebook like Sony Vaio . Be it or not, Sony Vaio P is a desired laptop and it takes a lot more than just money to own it.

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  1. Vaio… road to perfection…. never fails to impress!! and ya it definitely takes more than just money…

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