Eco-Box Give Breath Take Fuel

Have you heard that extracting fuel from your own breath? It seems like a stupid question but not really because an airport in Liverpool going to experiment this unbelievable story this year. An airport named Liverpool John Lennon situated in Liverpool, United Kingdom is going to experiment about converting their visitors or traveler’s breath into fuel with Eco-Box, this device is generally designed by Origo Industries to detain the emission of vehicles and convert them into fuel for their own use and now they are implementing the same strategy on their travelers to extract fuel.


The experiment is going to take place later this year but establishment of the carbon reprocessing system has already been started early this year. The chief Executive and also the founder of Origo Industries going to take a second step with Eco-Box and this time it will be a trial on their own travelers of the airport.

Eco-box will target the traveler’s breath in the Liverpool John Lennon Airport, as we move and the carbon dioxide will breathe out, the eco-box will capture and with the same time the carbon reprocessing system will work on it and turned into fuel which can be used to provide electricity and can also be used as fuel to your own car. Currently the target estimation of the airport is to take 24000 gallons of fuel but will be proceeding to 289000 (if successful). The converted fuel will be use in the heating system of the airport as well as in some of the diesel vehicles.

Thanking to the great discovery by Origo Industries as taking breath become a little bit easier as we already aware about our carbon being captured with the eco-box. If the project succeeds in the Liverpool john Lennon airport then surely it will become the part of every airport and then taking breath easily will become more and easier.

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