Yahoo Showing Ads with Images and Videos

One of the biggest search engine Yahoo is going to introduce a new paid search system. Now the simple blue text link is not the only feed for marketers but they have another great system of showing their logo images and ads videos with Yahoo search system


Yahoo has trying to get back its position that has overtaken by the mater search engine; Google. From rumor resources it is heard that yahoo has fall down in paid search in the market share from 13.8 percent in 2004

to 10.5 this current date which is a worst as compared to Google that got double of its search paid rank in the market share from 32.8 in 2004 to 67.7 percent to date.

By making live and offering this wonder offer to marketers and advertisers Yahoo can take back its old position, no doubt it will take a bit of time. For this yahoo has taken his initial steps with “Pedigree” a dog-food company to put an image with video commercial for this company when clicked.

Yahoo got some successful experiments from this search image and video ads as some of their clients got clear signs in increase in click-through rates as compared with simple text with blue link. This will definitely attract the advertiser to pay highly for the search ads and lastly Yahoo take all the advantages.


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  1. You are right trypu
    and it helps to show all resulst at once instead of going every tab to see those.

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