Top 3 ToolBar Download Google Yahoo Msn Toolbar

From the earlier ages Toolbars are the predefined set of functions designed by programmers, it can also be customize by the user according to his needs. With this perspective there is no such big difference between toolbars and a set of buttons in a row giving access to your customized set of functions. The following are the popular search engine toolbars having their own functions and set of programs.

(1). Google Toolbar

(2). Yahoo Toolbar

(3). MSN Toolbar

1) Download Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar is available for internet explorer and mozilla firefox browsers developed by Google. The latest releases of google toolbar for internet browsers were out on November 14, 2008 (for internet explorer) and June 16, 2008 (for firefox). The toolbar works with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

The toolbar itself gives you many options to enable from options menu after download to the particular browser. Page rank is the major option one like to enable it for viewing the rank given to every page by Google on the spot. Other options include bookmarks, google search, autolink, autofill, gmail etc.

You can download Google Toolbar installer  directly from

(2). Download Yahoo Toolbar

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Yahoo Toolbar is the same as Google but developed by Yahoo and giving some extra featuring functions within the toolbar like Yahoo Search, Yahoo mail and other customized functions. Yahoo toolbar has a built-in algorithm for preventing pop-ups and malicious spyware. One must have the following system requirement in order to download the toolbar to the particular internet browser

(1).Windows 2000 or higher
(2).Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
(3).Firefox 1.5 or higher
Opera and Safari browser are not supported for yahoo toolbar yet but soon they will get the toolbar.

You can download Yahoo Toolbar installer directly from

3)  Download MSN Toolbar


MSN Toolbar is specially designed for MSN services. The toolbar powered with Silverlight allowing the user to use some special features like MSN channels preview in a drop-down and also giving the latest content updates within the MSN page without change the MSN portal page, even you can choose or search that part’s content in the same page. Windows Live Search is the integral part of MSN toolbar giving access to the user for live services like Maps and Videos. It also has a breaking news feature that gives you a blinking alert on the top of the top bar whenever there is breaking news updates from MSNBC. The final version was released May 22, 2008. The latest update was made on August 6, 2008 adding MSN Video, Olympics and Stocks tabs.

You can download the toolbar installer directly from


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