Nokia 6216 classic with NFC

Nokia 6216 classic the new phone by Nokia. Nokia 6216 is a fully SIM based NFC (Near Field Communication) phone which allowed user to share their mobile data like contact data, images, audio, video with other Nokia 6212 phone or NFC Compatible devices.zahipedia_1_nokia_6216c

Due to Build in NFC Sim Card in Nokia 6216 classic user can save their Credit card information in a secure way in their SIM card and make payment by their phone in front of contact less terminal

Nokia 6216 classic works with 2g and 3g networks. It has 2Mb camera and secondly camera for video calls and Its expected price is approximately $195

Nokia 6216 classic Technical Detail and Pictures are given below.

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  1. Hello, Alexa.

    You are right the Noia 6216 is the first one with NFC Technology which helps user to share their content and file and make secure payment.

  2. Nokia 6216 classic the new phone looks cool in its light brown color, its camera section is great 1600×1200 pixels, its best among all.

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