Blackberry Storm 2 affirmative by RIM

Blackberry Storm 2 has been confirmed by RIM’s co-CEO Jim Balsillie and is expected soon to be launched. Blackberry Storm 2 is the next -gen version for Blacberry Storm but this time it may not be known as Blackberry Storm 2


Blackberry Storm series is one of the first by RIM when it comes to touch operations. The launch of Blackberry Storm (in collaboration with Verizon Wireless) was considered as a response to Apple’s iPhone.

Ufortunately not much info on its specs has yet been revealed by RIM but we do know that it has the same 3.2 mega-pixel camera as Blackberry Storm did. Also Storm 2 is much thinner than its predecessor.

Wi-Fi support is still doubtful but RIM may consider the option if they are to make Storm 2 a successful next-gen cell phone.

Official launch date, specs, features and price are yet to be announced and we hope that Blackberry Storm 2 creates a healthy competition with Apple’s iPhone 2009.

Blackberry Storm 2 Picture Gallery

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6 Replies to “Blackberry Storm 2 affirmative by RIM”

  1. @ Shane
    no doubt, iPhone’s a unique phone, in its own way, but you do get stuck if you have to choose one of them.

  2. This version of Blackberry strom2’s is really cool. It has the same 3.2 mega-pixel camera as Blackberry Storm did. Also Storm 2 is much thinner than its predecessor.

  3. It if doesn’t come with WiFi it will fall flat on its face. With every competing device supporting WiFi connectivity, it would be utterly stupid for Verizon to skimp out now.

  4. I’ve had my Storm (1) for about 7 months now, and I haven’t needed WiFi with the Verizon 3G network. I’ve traveled all over SoCAL & NorCAL, and I haven’t been out of touch or without internet access once.

    And for you people who dis the click-screen: Have you tried it? It *IS* a tactile keyboard, and you can type a lot faster than on a touch-screen alone.

    I dislike AT&T so much that I will never go back. When Apple went with AT&T over Verizon, I knew I was never getting an iPhone. I like my Storm; even more so with the recent OS update.

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