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Understanding Fox News Live: Fox news is a cable television network owned by Fox Entertainment. Fox News broadcasts on a global scale with a presence in over 90 countries. Founded and launched in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch, Fox News has grown to be one of the leading players in news’ live broadcasting on the cable and online networks.

Lok Patrika, a prominent media house, has also carved its niche in the realm of journalism since its inception. Established with a commitment to delivering unbiased and informative news coverage, News of  Lok Patrika has steadily risen as a trusted source of information for millions. Lok Patrika prioritizes integrity and accuracy in its reporting, championing journalism as its core ethos, earning commendation from audiences and peers alike. Through its comprehensive coverage of local and global events, coupled with insightful analysis, Lok Patrika remains steadfast in its mission to empower its audience with knowledge and understanding.


Fox News Live feature the broadcasting of current happenings from all over the world. The Live News constitutes a TV news anchor reading the news, Journalists reporting live from the ground areas, and panel discussions where guest analysts are invited to give an insight into the particular story. For example, when the US President, Donald Trump received the Kim Jong Un letter from the South Korean Premier, Fox News covered the whole event Live, and a panel of experts interrogated the occurrence. Furthermore, Fox News Live has been evolving with time; the broadcasts adopt a signature name that represents the current general storyline on the ground. For instance, the signature name for the Fox Live shows during the 2016 presidential elections was “America’s Election Headquarters.” After the election, the signature name for the Fox News Live shows is “America’s News Headquarters.”

Watch Fox News Online

Fox News developed their online platforms featuring the latest in the news and other events across the globe. Launched in December 1995, the Fox News online has revolutionized the Fox News broadcasting in a significant way. Not only do these platforms enable viewers with an Internet connection to access the Fox News live stories by streaming but they allow viewers to access uploaded news records. This artistic development had to be developed as the fast-paced journalism industry was increasingly becoming online.  For viewers to stream Fox Live News and watch Fox News broadcasts, they have to possess devices such as; iOS Devices, Android devices, Apple TVs, Windows, Roku, Android TV and YouTube which support the Fox News App and the Fox News Website. Impact of Fox News Online PlatformsFox news online has brought a paradigm shift in Fox news viewership.  Viewers can now watch Live Fox news from whichever location they are and whatever device they have with them. Additionally, viewers who miss a live TV coverage on Fox news can visit the online platforms and watch the news at their convenience. Furthermore, any Fox News viewer can retrieve the report from the online sites at any time for research in the long run.

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  1. Fox news live is available in US and Canada but due to its popularity more viewers can see it. Fox new live gain its image by its programs. The Crier Report is my favorite program.

  2. Fox news live is a great channel, it can be viewed by million of people living in different, I also prefer fox news live for current issue in all over the world.

  3. Fox news live is one of my favorite channel to watch, it can be viewed over 10 million house holds. It gained much popularity by its live covrage.

  4. Thanks to Fox News for giving us he truth. It is a shame we only have 1 channel for honest reporting. Thanks Fox

  5. All news is controlled by the gov’t it does not matter what program you watch we only get the news they want us to get

  6. I just wanted to say thank you Fox for all your coverage, thanks to Glen and Bill I feel more informed than the other stations , I was just wondering if you allso feel that congress and the president are like kids left into the candy store with no supervision , we the peapole are going to have to clean up the mess when they get sick . Thank You !

  7. Thanks so much for this site. We can’t afford cable, satellite etc. so this is the only way we can watch Fox News. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for posting FOX online, I just got home and the only stations I cannot received tonight are FOX news!!! Every other station works here in the Delaware valley, every tv in my house gets every cable station but FOX news channel I CAN’T GET!! Comcast has no ANSWER EITHER!!

  9. THANK GOD FOR FOX NEWS. It is absolutely chilling when you watch some of the propaganda out there on CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC. If it wasn’t for Fox and the internet, we’ve wouldn’t get the truth. Enjoy it while you can I sure some of the “leadership” in this country are trying to shut down or control both.

  10. What happen to Foxnews Strategy room? Is there a new location for the above?


  11. I watch Fox News nearly every day. To all you that say thank you for FNC because all the other news outlets are just propaganda, I’ve got news for you: FNC spews propaganda too, only for the right. “The No Spin Zone”… really? Do you really believe that a commentator is that unbiased? Bill O’Reilly is an extremely intelligent man, a great debater (he could convince an Eskimo wearing white gloves to buy a ketchup Popsicle). However, Bill is conservative leaning so his point of view and show is also conservative learning, thus it HAS spin. Fair and balanced? I listen to NPR in the car and watch FNC at home, now that is fair and balanced. BOTH sides of the debate and I can make my own decisions. I need NO talking head to sway my choices/decisions. I wish most Americans held the same convictions.

  12. I have been watching Fox News through your link for a month now. I even take my laptop + aircard and listen while driving. I have advised numerous family members and friends of your site. Many thanks.

  13. I have been watching Fox News on your site for over a month, and so happy that you stream it. Today it is gone! It says it has been disabled! What is the meaning of this? Will you no longer stream Fox News??

  14. What happened to Fox News? Are you no longer going to carry the live feed? Just curious. I’m really going to miss seeing Fox on the computer. Thanks for all the good times.

  15. I enjoy FOX above any other “mainstream” source. But that’s not saying much. The avg American is stupid and completely ignorant of reality. Now Micheal Savage, there is somebody who asks real questions and displays some good ole American common sense who is currently under attack, banned in Britian for his “free speech” and FOX don’t cover it? Yet Savage Backs FOX in battle with White House’s recent free speech battle. Ever since ORielly interviewed the long legged mack daddy Barak Hussien Obama, He hasn’t been quite the same to me, he must’ve experienced “the thrill up his leg”! Because he straight out dissed the eligibility issue(which finally got a court date) By Obama’s own words he does not meet “natural born”. This is only THE biggest attack on our Constitution EVER! An Imposter! It wouldn’t suprise me if Osama and Obama are one and the same! So yea FOX does a good job for the avg. lazy,ignorant Joe Schmoo’s of America. The ones that have no clue what’s going on right before their eyes, “tolerating a takeover”

  16. Just discovered this feed 1 week ago and have been thrilled to be able to stream FOX News on my laptop. I see the link was disabled yesterday, back on this morning and now disabled again. Many thanks for your ongoing efforts to provide us with one of the few non state-controlled news outlets remaining.

  17. Fox News is great. This site must have had some pressure from the left, trying to interfer with free speech. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  18. If it’s back, I don’t seem to be able to get it. It still says it doesn’t “exists.” Any suggestions?

  19. Well Steve, atleast you get to watch it. When I got on here tonight (Friday at 7:30 PM Central), it says “this channel does not exist”. What’s up with that? You get me hooked on watching FoxNews on the internet ….then you take away my supply.

  20. I noticed blinkotv was not streaming anymore and started searching but i can’t find anyone streaming Fox. Wonder what happened?

  21. can’t get either fox channels anywhere. any answer would be useful to our viewing pleasure.

  22. A responsible site would at least put up an explanation of some kind.
    All across the net many place we have watched Fox live stream took it off last few days.

    Was there a legal issue?
    Please address your site vistors.

  23. You state in your comment above

    “Not only this, Fox News live have done very well to attract viewers, although the Fox News live broadcast is criticized for its support to conservative political approach parties”

    Question, is there also this criticism towards all other main stream media sources in supporting the liberal/ Democratic agendas?

  24. What happen to fox business and news I rely on all the updates and accuarrte reporting. Someone help and send a link to them so we all can all watch live online

  25. I’ve tried launch Fox since Oct 16th, but it’s not available. Does anyone know what happend to the live stream? Why was it shot down?

  26. Wow, Fox News no longer exists? Is big brother been putting his fingers in the pot? What is going on?

  27. What happened to Fox News Live? All other links that used to show this network online are all disabled. I think we should start calling the White House. That girl Anita Dunn must have something to do with it. This isn’t right. Violation of Freedom of Speech.

  28. hussein obama has stopped the broadcasting of FOX NEWS . he is stopping free speech, and no one does anything.

  29. Thanks for the link Marc, will probably use that for more links henceforth, since they don’t seem as prone to censor the programs I want to watch.

  30. What happened to the Fox News Channel Feed? Did the Obama administration pull the plug because they in their words ” Want to have control of the internet in a Crisis” The Communications Czar Wants a Goverment control of the press and to kill all opposing views and FOX NEWS is the only Real News Now talking about the expanding POWER of government! Keep the press FREE and restart the Feed! Freedom of speech is our most cherisched and held constitutional belief. Don’t go gentle into that goodnight Stand Up Everyone before it’s to late!

  31. WERE is fox news. We would like you to put it back. R did it get black listed. We have the right to know.

  32. I am not a person who is always looking for something for free. However, I can’t get myself to pay for even basic cable TV if I don’t and would’nt watch 95% of what’s on. Yet still, watching Fox News online, this site or others(mostly by, we are consumers.Fox News runs commercial breaks through-out it’s broadcast, 24/7.I am perfectly fine with that. That IS Capitalism friends. Hence, it is not free. Remember good old fashioned TV? Please, please bring back our honest friends, or atleast the people we can trust most, The Fox News Channel! May GOD help and bless us all!

  33. Knowledge Is Power and This Site and Stream is Keeping Us All Informed! FOX NEWS LIVE – THE ONLY REAL NEWS LEFT IS NOW GONE? Guess the Communication Czar is taking over the internet! Guess the Crisis is here in that the Administration is quelling FREE SPEECH! Pushing Their Agenda not the People’s. What Ever Happened To “We The People”? Rise up! Yell as Loud as You Can! This Sites Stream is a Godsend and Patriotic! Keep it Up! Hold onto Freedom While You Still Can!

  34. unload and delete any player you may have inbedded on your site if they removed Fox. Refuse to watch other programs offered.

  35. Go back to the origional format and run the feed free of outside influences! Journalistic integrity is what’s needed now! Keep Speech Free as you have always done!

  36. What happened to the volume? I have everything turned up and you can barely hear Fox News.
    Please don’ mess with our feed. We need Fox for the truth. Picture is smaller and blurry also.
    Please put it back the way it was.
    Thanks for putting Fox on we Appreciate it.

  37. Where is fox news? It’s the only TV channel I watch – I don’t have time for anything else or the desire to watch it.

  38. The TVU link doesn’t work for Macs unless you have Intel, IE, and OS X 10.5

    Also, I suspect there must be a legal issue with the FOX feeds as they’ve moved from one link to another, but the previous two seemed to come from a link to Florida ComCast. Perhaps the information above, near the FOX screen, is erroneous and the link is actually pirated. . .

  39. The Matrix Has US NOW! They (The Obama Administration, FCC, Czars and Librial Media’s) Cut the feeds to keep us Uninformed and in Control! Who has done this? Reply and let everyone know why the feeds are down, who is to blame and the purpose? Because without purpose why are we here? We are all meant to do what we are meant to do! Your Purpose is to Broadcast,hack past the Matrix and get out Free Speech! Without borders or Boundaries! For the Truth and Journalistic integrity. The rest is making up our own minds! We are now Counting on YOU! Right here In The Real World! ~ Neo

  40. EVERYONE: You NEED to stand up, exercise your FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHTS & get this piece of crap SOCIALIST out of office IMMEDIATELY!!! Call your CONGRESS men/women & let them know that you are outraged & demand something be done ASAP. WE NEED 2 DO IT NOW!!! Before we are in to deep & nothing can be done. HE/ THEY are slowly taking away ALL of our rights. THIS HAS GOT TO BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!! I want him OUT of OFFICE & FOX NEWS BACK & so should YOU!!!!

  41. Good bye Zahipedia! Came here almost exclusively for foxnews and I see you have succumbed to the powers who want us all to be zombies. I won’t patrionise any establishment, internet or otherwise who serves the great brainwasher that pretends to be the president of the U.S.

  42. I used to watch Fox news on Tikilive. It was pulled a few days ago likely at the same time as it was pulled from TVU. I suppose the free airing is over for now.

  43. Okay – I am having Fox News Live WITHDRAWAL pains!! I have searched 2 days to find where I can watch Fox News Live at my office and cannot find it on any of my old sites. Does anyone have any HELP??? PLEASE!!

  44. The Truth will set you free. The other media outlets just won’t give us the Truth. They won’t cover anything unless it is cleared by the White House. That is fact I have watched all and they are getting pretty much biased on all their media. Sad to see, but I just don’t TRUST their reporting anymore. I don’t know unless they start reporting fairly, I just don’t trust them, Betty Thank- you Fox for the TRUTH

  45. I just tried to find out what’s going on with Glenn’s feed and my question was immediately removed from his Facebook page. A simple answer that it is Fox or is not Fox would have been nice.

  46. I demand some kind of explanation as well. Why is Fox News gone?

    In addition, I have not been able to find a feed anywhere else. This is disturbing.

    I don’t have access to cable and rely on the internet to see their programing. I would think they would want those who would otherwise never see it to
    find someway to access it.

    We should all contact Fox.

  47. I have been waiting a long time. I get a commercial and then nothing. Is there something wrong with the feed?

  48. I believe they are working out the bugs. Mine is working fine now. You can bring it up full screen now. Picture is way better today than yesterday. Fox is not going anywhere. We would all be at a loss without Fox News Channel. Watch Glenn @ 5:00 He will keep you informed. The White House should very afraid.

  49. My system is working great today. THANK YOU to whoever does this live stream. I certainly appreciate the fact that we can all watch Fox News Live. We all complain when things go wrong, so I just wanted to say thank you when things go right!!!! Also, thank you to the people that responded to my first comment.

  50. Glad to see you guys utilizing a link that works!! We love Fox and it’s odd the other sites/feeds still are off or showing feeds like CNN.

    So thanks!

  51. Hi, I have been watching your FOX News for the last few days. I have just one question. Is it possible to boost the volume some. I have to have both a max, and still have to be on top of the laptop to hear it.

    Also, I noticed today, the feed is very erratic.

    Thanks bunches

  52. Great that Fox News is working, but when will Fox Business be back up again? I miss Cavuto and Imus.

  53. Well, I downloade that Siverlight thingee. Fox tries to come in but it constantly buffering.
    I think we can forget watching from this website.

  54. Yes, the buffering is a pain. And my question about Fox Business Channel link was deleted. Why?

  55. So did I, and same thing. Yesterday and day before it worked great, and early this morning. It quit about 8 am today. As of this second it’s working, sort of.

  56. Please someone help me! My view just keeps trying to load and will not do anything! Also the last time it came on it would bring up Fox News but continue to constantly try to reload like it was the old net traffic.

  57. First let me Thank you for attempting to restore the Fox feed! You are doing a Great Service to all in Keeping Free Speech Free and the public informed! Edward R. Murrow would be Proud of You! With that said… FYI…The feed today was sporatic and the volume disappeared completly at times(around 3pm EST) during Shepard Smith. The system keeps buffering and freezing up. When I went to full screen (which was a nice picture by the way ) I was unable to esc out of the window and had to shut my system down totally to get out of that window. Did anyone else have this problem? Anyway with any restart there are bound to be glitches However Thanks for listening to all your Fans and getting the stream back up! It’s now 11:45pm EST and there is No Broadcast at all! Just so you know! Looking AND WAITNG TO SEE HOW IT IS LATER TODAY! Kudos to you all! ~ Neo

  58. Hello and a very warm welcome to all visitors!
    We sincerely apologize for the disruption of FOX NEWS LIVE Broadcast.
    However, we have tried to overcome the technical difficulties we are facing and now the live stream is working perfectly.
    If you still face any problem viewing FOX NEWS please leave a comment so that we get to know the issue and solve it.

    Thanks and keep visiting!
    Cheers 🙂

  59. Talal this is a joke! Had not been any difficulties until the White started their charge against Fox.

    Does anyone have another way to get Foxnews. Get pop-ups in the screen now that they have changed things.

  60. Again Thanks for working so hard for US! The feed did come in great Early this morning Through at least 5am….(have to sleep sometime!) Just awoke and had FX on instead of Fox! Hmmmm….interesting, a few glitches remain. The Stream This morning worked perfect! However there are these pop up ad’s for example Pac Man, winning something, or other such thing that appear in the stream broadcast window can you get rid of that? Thanks Again All For Bringing Back Fox News!

  61. Hey where did Fox News go…. I’m only getting FX which is nice and all but I would rather watch FOX NEWS. Thanks for doing what you do

  62. What’s up with FoxNews. Where is it? Don’t want to miss Glenn Beck today. Love him. Only trust FoxNews cause they’re not in BED with STUPID OBAMA!

  63. Still have FX instead of Fox News. It is not playing right either. comes on for only a second or two then goes off completley. Please keep trying. The commercial at the bottom is a constant bother. It comes back continously. We appreciate you trying to fix this. I hpe we get it right soon.

  64. I just logged on to the and it said that Fox Live News doesn’t exist. Checked tikilive again and it’s still a no go. Thank goodness this one is back. Thanks so much

  65. Fox news live was working this afternoon and early evening and now it reverted back to saying “Does not exist” when trying to start.

    I live in los angeles and it is Thursday-Oct 22nd approx. 10:15pm pacific standard time.

  66. The tag in the middle of the screen says: This show does not exist. Found this site a couple of days ago because the one I’ve been watching doesn’t have Fox News on it any more for some odd reason. Now you. What’s going on?

  67. Hello everyone! I know you are doing all You can to get this up and running again and believe me when I say on everyones behalf THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRYING TO FIX THE FOX NEWS PROBLEM!
    What happened to the feed? It was up yesterday, was FX today and now is gone again and returned to the origional format where this began again saying this show does not exist. Drop us a quick reply to let us know what’s happeneing so we are informed.
    With appreciation to all that are working this out! ( I know that this is not an easy task and we do appreciate all your effort) ~ Neo

  68. Used to be able to get CNN on tikilive too and now it is gone, same time fox live stream disappeared. Any chance of getting CNN here too?? Hmmmm, must be part of that White House conspiracy thingy…oh wait…they’re supposed to be in bed with Obama, right? So much for your theory 😉

  69. Well, the link to isn’t carrying Fox News now either. Somebody has gotten to another site. I hope those responsible don’t think that we will forget this just because we can’t presently see it. I still have a radio! I hope that doesn’t go away too. Wow, can’t wait to get back to that ballot box. Here in Virginia, our next opportunity is November 3, 2009. Guess well start at the gubernatorial level. I appreciate all the attempts at getting Fox News for us; keep up the great efforts!

  70. Fox is not the enemy the white house is. We have to get rid of these socialist fruitcakes.I hope all the people who voted for this get there’s.

  71. I contacted my Senator and Governor of Georgia this morning. I was told that removing broadcasting from Internet is a Federal issue. So I called and spoke with my Senator, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia. I got his secretary and told her that Fox Live Streaming has been attacked. I told them you can get CNN, but Fox is hard to find, and when you do find it, it is removed off the AIR. I told them of all of the comments that were posted on this website and told them to check it out for themselves. I also called the Fox Newsroom, and told him re: same. Hopefully this will help. God Bless this Country and all of you that listen to Fox. Have a wonderful day!

  72. I added Fox Broadcasting to my website, just in case it is pulled off the air again. You are all welcomed! Many Thanks to Brian!

  73. Brian – thank you so very much for the heads up on a Fox News Link!!! Also, enjoyed your website!!

  74. Brian, Thanks so much. This is getting ridiculous and VERY SCARY!!! I feel like someone in the movie Escape from New York where everything is going to be monitored by Big Brother and we’ll be hiding to hear the real stories.

  75. Good to know the “pull the plug” order came directly from Fox. I figured it was due to legal issues and I assume the same came from CNN to pull their stream, since they were both yanked around the same time. You all realize we are getting for free what many suckers pay good money for to their cable companies. I only discovered tiki a few months ago and got hooked. Should have known it wouldn’t last.

    Someone mentioned you can still get CNN but haven’t been able to find it anywhere, here or elsewhere. Its good to know what Fox is up to which is why I watch on occasion, but I can only stomach Shep Smith on Fox, he’s seems very level-headed.

  76. Everyone! Thank You for Keeping US ALL Informed and for working so hard to address the Fox Stream Issues! When you bring back FOX NEWS Stream WILL YOU BE LETTING US KNOW? I hope eveyone that logs on appreciates all the work YOU DO ON OUR BEHALF! I Know I DO!
    Keep Fighting The Good Fight for Free Speech and Unrestricted access to Knowledge and Information!

  77. I watch FoxNews almost every night in Israel, and I find then accurate and even. We don’t see advertisement in TV (only in the internet). Instead we have some interesting short scenes on various interesting topics about the US and sometimes other countries).

  78. Ann, did you scroll with the mouse to the right the louder’s tube in the right-down side of the video?

  79. Fox is not working now at all this morning, so far. Everybody needs to write to FOX and tell them, CNN & MSNBC is available online but not FOX. Email me and I can give you all the FOX email ads. I have written them several times so far.

  80. I just got this email from Fox:

    Hi Carl,

    Fox News is not available online. I have received several emails about his and it seems several sites were using a pirated unauthorized signal. In order to watch Fox News you have to subscribe through a cable service. You can always be up to date on the latest news at our website as well.

    Best, Erica

  81. Wow, There is something very odd going on here, I had over 10 different working links to fox feeds, most have mysteriously went dead in the last 8 days.

    This is just to much of a coincidence in timing that this coincides with the White House war on Fox News for me to ignore.

    We need to be very afraid if this is the true cause behind the feeds dropping.

    Fox News really need to realize they need to get there message out over the net, its that important to the country.

  82. I found the free fox news about a month ago and watch it every night on my laptop. Now, I’m lost. I would be willing to even pay a small monthly fee just to get fox news online. I can’t stand most of the programing on cable and the fees are exorbitant for the few good shows they give you. We canceled our dish because it was such a waste of money, but we lost fox in the meantime. I just got a 100 channel promotion from dish network today, and guess what! Fox news isn’t included. I would have to pay for the next upgrade in channels. I guess they think only us “rich” capitalists watch fox news. I miss fox news terribly. Please help me find it again–I would be willing to pay for just fox news online.

  83. Hmmmmm, Foxfan. Something fishy indeed. The same thing happened to my CNN cable livestream right around the same time!

    You think it is the white house again? Be afraid, be very afraid…of big corporations (like fox and cnn and cable companies) trying to protect their legal contracts and income streams. Or maybe we should just buy a cable subscription, ya think?? Isn’t that what capitalism is all about? Providing free pirated cable over the internet, sounds like more of that Obama socialism. 😉

  84. Most all of the links streams are coming from the same pirate ship hence why when one goes out they all do, no conspiracy really.

    As for Fox feed being free CNNFan,
    I pay monthly for internet service that can handle these streams without cutting out, nothing on the internet is free.

  85. Have you added Ram/ memory?
    Very inexpensive and simple to install, It’s the best thing one can do for an older PC until you can get a new one.

    second and maybe most important,
    Often it’s the internet connection that causes the problem of buffering, you might try moving up to a faster connection.

  86. CNNFan, i don’t think you’re looking very hard for CNN online. as far as capitalizm, I pointed out last week on this sight that FOX,(and other broadcasters), run commercials 24/7, just like good old fashioned tv. We are the consumers. Paying for cable, you are doing just that. Paying for cable, Not just ONE channel. I am NOT advocating pirating either. As for Obama and his merry pirating crew, if you’re not taking him serious, and you can’t se what they’re doing, may God help us all! I hope that is’nt red kool-aid dripping from your lips, and on to the script you may, or may not be reading.

  87. I wrote and asked Fox to add live stream News and that even for a small fee there is a market for it!
    Those in college, travlers, those who dont like what the cable company’s offer for the price and so on.
    In the mean time I have no moral issues using these streams and appreciate them being here.
    It’s hardly free I agree, I pay monthly to log on and this site is making money or it wouldnt be here.

  88. Anna T, I hope you let us know when and if you get a response from fox about paying a fee for a live feed online. I’m sure the cable and dish companies would fight it. If I could get fox by itself, I wouldn’t have to subscribe to their services. I would love the opportunity though.

  89. SCRAP the above. That feed is not live but a digest! Rats!! I thought I found a good one. Let’s keep looking.

  90. why in the hell would fox bring mayra veronica on hannity? she was looking like she was saying to her self, I hope they dont ask me a question.
    when they did she sounded like a stupid model who was in the wrong place. come on hannity you can do better than this. Am I wrong people?

  91. Just when O’Reilly was due to start, the broadcast on zahipedia stopped, first there was static and now it says to continue to watch I must power-off other TV receivers. This is the only computer I have running it so how can that be. All the other usual free watch sites are not showing fox now, too. But CNN and other weak-content shows are still up.

  92. CNN news feed is not working today Saturday Oct 31 for me. Is anyone else having problems getting cnn feed? If someone knows of an alternate feed please advise.



  94. Thanks to Zahipedia, your CNN feed is now working.

    I like to watch Imus in the Morning on Fox business channel, does anyone have a feed for fox business channel.

  95. Thank you zahipedia and others, as well as those of you who share possible options in the “comments” catagory on this sight. I like reading all the comments on this sight. FREE SPEACH! It’s just like sitting down and having a conversation with regular American folks like me. Real YANKEES!…Way cool. Thanx again to all.

  96. Zah, I see you have the HD feed up! That’s awesome. If there is a way to get the bar on the right side to come up too, folks can get it full screen? And in HD it’s awesome. I could even see a sparkle in O’Reilly’s eyes when he was tempting his guest!

  97. Hmm, where is CNNfan when you need him? Maybe I could trade him 10 working links to CNN streams for 1 working link to a live Fox feed.

  98. I’m just about with Mary. This sight works then it dos’nt. It does then it dos’nt, it does then it dos’nt. It’s almost at the point that it’s not worth it. There is the sight. Short videos, bits and pieces, but it’s better than nothing, and/or dealing with frustrating streaming problems. Talk radio helps. Atleast you can stay somewhat informed. Oh, you don’t have to pay a bill or deal with connection and streaming problems. Thank you all for your efforts in trying to solve these problems.

  99. Would like to thank all those at Zahipedia for the HD Feed of Fox. Since it is not listed as Fox News, I can only assume there is a good reason for this.

    However, if keeping this feed alive will require a small investment, I am sure we would all be more than happy to chip in.

    Please keep up the good work!

  100. Lee
    your link for FOX Business News shows “no channel available” when you click on the link.
    Does anyone know of a FOX BUSINESS news channel feed – i like to watch Imus in the morning.

    thanks in advance


  101. When The Blinko screen comes on look to the left where it says “BROWSE CHANNELS” and lists a few stations. At the bottom it says “HD TEST”. Click on this and you will get Fox News!

  102. what? thanks it did work.. geez you gotta have a secret combination to get in now? lol

    Thanks Pasco.. you kept me from kicking the crap out of something.

  103. obama doesn’t like Fox News because they, Glenn Beck, and Hannity are exposing hussein obama for what he really is and who he is surrounded by in the White House….all bad for our country!!….Ken

    Where was he really born….his black grandmother said Africa…and if he is a Christian, why did he keep the muslim name??

  104. Full Screen can be accomplished by pressing “control + +” to broaden the frame around the player.

    Press it just enough(once or twice) to enlarge the small screen(and text) to where it exposes the “full screen” button which is located just to the right of the small screen. There also will be a volume control and a pause button exposed.

    Hope this helps.

    My sincerest thanks to the provider of this webpage!!!

  105. The earlier post that Fox news is propaoganda, is rediculous. That is if you are saying its misleading. They may be slanted to the right, but the majority of the right are analytical thinkers, not emotionally charged drones. Also, Bill O’Reilly is a poor example (imho) of conservative thought. Bill straddles the fence at best. As for NPR, you would do better to sit outside and let a blade of grass deliver the news. Their drowsy news delivery gets nobody motivated to action, or even makes the listener any more educated. You are right, the news is government controlled, with the exception of Fox News. The liberal government cant stand Fox News, becuase they do promote the truth, and they are the only media outlet that speaks for thinking Americans who want the truth.

  106. Hey Charles, Mega-Dittos to you buddy… You are the kind of American I would have found myself standing next to among thousands of others thursday in Wash. D.C. And would have been more than proud to have. The Declaration of indepedence and our Constitution IS ours and trumps any and All governments and politicians in the land, PERIOD! Let’s keep up the good fight, taking back All our liberty and keeping our Liberty. FOX-ROX!

  107. Thank you Adam for being in DC Thrus. for all of us who couldn’t be in Washington DC.

    This feed is choppy can anyone explain Why? It is very bothersome.

    No cable since laid-off. I can’t do the MSM news.
    Thank you Fox for being there.

  108. the quality on this is GREAT thanks to those that are streaming it. and thanks to those who gave the tip on how to make this fullscreen.

  109. Any feeds for FOX BUSINESS NEWS channel??

    I have been trying to find a feed for a few weeks anyone have any success.

    Note: the links to the Fox Business news channel mentioned in this forum and provided say “no channel exists”


  110. Thanks for this. The HD feed looks awesome. Im unemployed and cant afford a fat cable package but this feed keeps my sanity while I look for a job. Luckily my wife is working as a cashier. Hangin in there.

  111. Thank god someone put knowledge beans into Obama’s pocket. I agree with his agenda on Guantanamo Bay and prisoners of war

  112. Great quality on the Fox link, but my Sprint internet connect can’t keep up. Having a choice of a low (er) resolution version would be nice.

  113. That’s great!!! Wonderful image and sound, something that will certainly change the way people watch TV by doing it through a PC. Many thanks.

  114. Hi,

    I love this channel, but sometimes I click on “HD test” and can’t get Fox news, it just seems to keep trying but no go. Any idea what the problem is? Some mornings I get it right away.


  115. HD test has disappeared from the left bar. Has anyone else had the same problem? Any way to get around that?



  116. It says above “Click on HD Test on Left Bar to start streaming” That button is no longer there. Now I see a CNN button. Does that mean Fox news is gone again. Just what is it about Fox news? Is there a conspiracy to have it eradicated from the face of the earth. Every time it becomes available some where on the net somehow it is eventually removed, always with no explanation. I just don’t get it.

  117. Can someone explain why foxnews has been taken off? BRING IT BACK, PLEASE!!!

    Where HD TEST(foxnews) used to be, it now has some other crap.

    I want FOXNEWS!

  118. Has anyone noticed that the mainstream media ABC, NBC, CBS have not said a peep about Climategate. Gore’s frauduent claims should be front page news. Global warming is cyclical and has nothing to do with man causing it. It will get warm or cold no matter what we do. Why isn’t the media coverin this???

  119. Help came to watch Fox and this is what I got where the player normally is:

    We’re sorry. This is a private channel. You need to have a Channel passcode to watch it!
    Invalid Passcode
    Please enter the passcode.

    What does this mean, do I have to signup to watch?
    Does not show a place to register

  120. Ok, I’m a little confused here. Fox says we CAN have it streamed in SD..but not HD? Why should they care about the stream resolution?? What about 720p? Seems strange that they are apparently fine with a pixelated stream but any resolution that is a feast for the eyes gets the axe.

    Was good while it lasted.

  121. I’m so with you! I thought I had finally found a site worth watching, and now we are all back to watching this hardly-bearable stream. It is so hard to hear it that I can’t even walk two feet away. You are right…good while it lasted.

  122. The problem now is that good quality LIVE FOX News is hard to find anymore. My guess is the corrupt libs have put pressure or probably paid off some of these internet companies not to provide access. Why FOX hasn’t come up with their own live tv online is beyond me. The main reason we lost this last election was because of the internet. I thought conservatives would team with FOX by now to have the best live tv access site out there. Makes no sense. I have looked everywhere. Please let me know if I have missed something. I want LIVE TV too.. not recording’s only.

  123. I really like the option to have a smaller screen on this player.
    I not only watch it but sometimes just listen while on other opened tabs, seems to not drag in that mode on my less then great connection as it dose on other sites who dont have that feature.

  124. Why are post being erased from this comment area? I would expect this on a liberal site but not here.

  125. Is it possible to give me the URL for the audio stream of Fox News?
    My WIFI radio will not play a “flash” feed so I need an audio URL only


  126. Can You take the att U-verse ad off the screen! Can’t see the broadcast and it can’t be dismissed as noted! Thanks for bringing back FNC! Happy Holidays to you all and for the service you bring to us all! ~ Craig

  127. Hi all.
    are you really so dump. is there anything wrong with socialism i mean come on even juses christ socialist. al religon are socialist. socialism rules force ppl to help each others indirect and direct.

  128. I’ve got music videos off Utube. did they cut Fox off? Does it have something to do with that Time Warner Cable thing?

  129. Some pretty stupid statements from the fellow who said he did not want to live in a country like Israel that has been at war for four decades. Well he should have had the facts before making such a statement. They have been at war for 6 dacades not 4 to begin with. The problem with these folks in the Obama regime is that they do not know one decade from another. My friends we do not have the choice to say we do not want to live in a country that is not at war anymore than Israel does. We are at war and it has nothing to do with what we want or not anymore than an Israeli can say I don’t want all this security nor do I want to be at war. Israel was attacked and continues to be attacked by those who wish to kill Jews and destroy the Israeli nation. Did I miss something or is this exactly what is happening to America even before 9-11 there was hijackings and destrucion of Americans just because they are American. It has nothing to do with what we might wish friend! There are folks who want to kill Jews and there are folks who want to kill Americans because they hate Americans, Christains and Jews. Sorry but we can wish all we want to but it has nothing to do with reality!

  130. I cannot believe how stupid we are. We are broke because of crooks and we raise taxes and legalize drugs. How stupid is our nation of liberals?

  131. Haitian police are what is wrong with Haiti, they are corrupt thugs! No wonder they want the US troops to back them up, so they can steal the aid that is coming to help the people!

  132. Fox News is for idiots. It is full of biased misinformation and is a hack for the Republican party. If you like your news full of propaganda then Fox News is for you.

  133. Thank you Zahipedia for streaming the Fox News Channel. I have it on my computer all the time and have referred all of those I know about your site. Please keep it just the way it is!!!

  134. Hey, “Just the facts” Must be pretty good Kool-Aid your’e drinking. go back to MSNBC you are welcome there. We don’t need you.

  135. When the next U.S. presidential election arrives in 2012, I am going to vote for the first time to make sure that the U.S. doesn’t elect another Socialist Pig president, such as like our current U.S. Socialist Pig President(and his puppet, Joe Biden), Barack Obama. I am just afraid that, per his speech directed towards Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba, unclenching their fist(s), that if we do extend a hand in peace to them as of right now, those rogue regimes will make us pull back stubs where our hand(s) once was/were.

  136. What happened to FOX News? Why was it replaced with a BS conspiracy theory video? I have to really laugh at the declaration of this video that all information contained in it is available on the internet—-yeah, well, ummm, just a comment, but everything you read on the internet isn’t true. If it was I would look 20 years old and be a millionaire. While I agree that the government should stay out of our lives (both parties), I don’t see the point in conspiracy theory. We the people have the power to vote them out of office. So, stop the BS. and follow the lead of MASS., and get rid of the politicians and vote in some more real people. And give us back FOX News. Its the most watched news channel for a reason. This video is a bunch of digested food stuff!

  137. Thanks for streaming the only channel which espouses the voice of reason. Fox is not available in South Korea…………..

  138. My family has owned a small buisines for about 35 years and have to watch it go away, errode, disappear…..We listen to all the politicos worrying about the “Middle Class” trying how to figure out how to pay their kids tuition….well the real world is they are now trying to figure out how to put food on the table and shoes on thier feet…this is the reality. Being a contractor we have to lay off our workers in slow times, they are on unemployment, it is sad…very sad…please someone wake them up and get the govt our of our lives….

  139. I am a Pa resident who would like to know where to begin investigating on my own to see who and how my states elected have been voting or backroom dealing about the health care bill

  140. Gays in the services-OK. BUT believe that they must be required to sgree to an applicable rule of conduct.

  141. Fox News Channel,

    Do you proof read your ticker tape news?? The news regarding the Chinese navy entering Taiwanese territorial waters, you said ‘navel’, when you should of said ‘naval’….where are your proofreaders???

  142. Here’s an idea as to the treatment of KSM. The guy has allready pleaded guilty, wants to be a martyr, so accept his guilty plea but don’t try him because you do not want to find him guilty, that will mean that he either gets his desire to be a martyr or you have to keep him locked up for the rest of his life, however this option leaves open the possibility that these savages will take hostages to exchange for him. So what to do? I say, amputate his arms, his legs, blind him and excise his voice box, then send him back where he came from!!

  143. Hello Cuvato,
    I am so tired of OBAMA blaming BUSH for all the debt.When he has been in charge for over a year.The debt is OBAMA and the dems.behind close doors giving themselves a raise.Also making all kinds of bribery with tax payers money.The president and the dems. are spending like there is no tommorrow.OBAMA needs to blame himself for all the debt.Get over himself.If a tax payer bribes any one he goes to jail or does’t pay his taxes and we have people in washington running the country thats getting a pass on this kind of behavior.
    God Bless,

  144. I once predicted that America would be a banana republic in 50 yrs. I have to re-estimate that its gonna happen befor that fool is kicked out. You know hoo hoo yuggayugga aaa aaa eee eee I mean!!!

  145. So the administration wants to get Russia on board in the Iran problem. Why did obama give up the Poland defense to Russia without getting something in return?

  146. from the day obama said he was running for office i went on an all out war speaking out that obama is not for change like you think. and now most of my friends that did vote for obama wish they never had….WE MUST NOT STOP SPEAKING OUT

  147. Could it be that our “ELECTED” officials do not trust the judgement of we “TAX PAYERS” to know what is good for us concerning health care reform and that only “they” are the only ones qualified to do this for us. Well they could be right….after all we didn’t know what was best for us when we made the decision to vote them into these powerful positions in the first place. Be forewarned that this girl may never get an opportunity to speak to you in person but you sure as heck will hear me when I get in that voting booth. This health care bill is not of the people and we know not if it is for the people. The only right thing to do is scrap this mess of a bill and let the people have full disclosure with a new one. Maybe from now on Washington you will realize that not only do you make yourself look shady in our eyes but just imagine how we as a country look to other countries. We are trying to show people in other countries that they should look to us as a role model. If I lived outside this country and was watching this whole thing happening to the citizens of this “great country” I would nix the idea of “yea I want to be governed like they are”. Wise up Washington your hidden agendas and forceful lawmaking is making us look very unstable and weak as a nation. It’s time we as Americans take a stand to have an honest government for a change. The media should flood the airways and newsprint with the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of every single elected official so that we know who is behind the decisions that are being made. God Bless our country.

  148. some of you sheep out there who actuly beleave this propaganda and listen to it over and over. filling there ego driven lives with it and then alowing the advertisment to insult you mind.How about takeing the time to pop on over to this site and please go with an open mind because what you may have to confront is your self.And anyone who alowes fox or any mainstream media to provide there information on what is really happening is very deluded.Sorry if this angers anyone but maby there is more to reality than you are told by the mainstream.Try this for awhile. Michael Tsarion – Architects of Control Program 1 part 1 of

  149. WHAT it’s not fox or any other news programs that make us open ur minds to the truth just the crap that is coming out of the office of the pres……wake up man and open ur eyes. both parties or the same…..we must stop the madness….

  150. What a fair blue ribbon panel 7 dems and 7 repubs. counting the two chairman so why does MR BIG EGO have to appoint 4 of his own.
    O.B.A.M.A. One Big A** Mistake America

  151. I think I’m going to switch to Fox News Live online instead of watching CNN because of them not getting straight to the news first off. I want the news, and none of this commerical advertisement crap before the news.

  152. This news-gadget-techi junkie has just found Zaphedia. What a breath of fresh netair. Outstanding site,kudos and all that but mostly just a heartfelt thank you. Excellence is appreciated. The future is now.

  153. Thank you SO much for your dedication to stream Fox News; when I’m on the road and away from satellite or cable TV – it’s YOUR site I log onto to get news – FAIR AND BALANCED.

  154. I like this because now i can watch the unfair and biased stuff that fox news spits out. great site 🙂

  155. Where is my fox news?? A very interesting animated production on life liberty and self-ownership is running-but no fox news-what’s happened??????????

  156. I enjoy fox news the most, I howeverhave been having trouble watching fox news online, but no problem with the others I just wondered why?
    Are they trying to take fox news off the air?

    Good Job for fox new in reporting the fact and not the drama.

    Thank You……

  157. @david: I don’t believe anybody would watch a news station they think if unfair and biased. Nobody is that stupid.

  158. david (Feb 24) – Go back to the Communist New Network or Kief Overbite on MSLSD or better yet, North Korea – the bin ladin’s cave. Whatever rock you crawled out of, crawl back under.

  159. Just because i think fox news in unfair and unbiased, that does not make me a communist or unpatriotic or anything else in your little head. You shouldn’t blindly accept what is fed to you by fox news just because they called it the fair and unbiased truth. you should check out and see the otherside of the argument to make a valid judgment. And you should not tell someone to crawl back underneath their rock for expressing their own opinion.

  160. Rhonda Blair, I watch both sides of the story to make up my own mind. And I watch FOX news because Glenn Beck is a complete Idiot. Who could possibly dispute that?

  161. the volume on this stream (FreedoCast) is too low. My speaker/window volume control is already to the max. and this stream cuts off every now and then. the Justin.Tv stream was a lot better.

  162. I don’t have cable tv so I get my Fox News fix here. So appreciate being able to watch the real news here. Thanks. Please keep it up.

  163. The word that comes to mind is more like idiot, if you’re so blind that you can’t see what the government is up to. Fox reports both sides, go to the nbc or cbs and you will see bias.

  164. OK. I guess I don’t understand. It used to be we could watch Fox News here anytime. Now it is off. It seems to be off more then on. So how does this work?

  165. Hey Guys – Why no Fox News today? Technical difficulties or something more serious? Please advise your website.

    Many thanks!!!

  166. Help! I’m trying to get info about the tsunami in Hawaii and Fox is not here to giv it to me. My son is stationed on Oahu! Please help!

  167. We need to start a campaign asking Fox to place their live programming online if for a small monthly fee. There are many positives to this as it would then reach people other wise not bale to access Fox News such as travelers, collage students and those who do not wish or cannot pay a large fee for a cable package of which there are only 4 channels they may watch from it.
    There has been some effort in the last year made on someone’s part to stop the Fox feed online causing copy right threats to the web masters who provide them.
    Note you can still get most of the leftist main stream media feeds online, there didnt seem to be as much effort in preventing those or surly those compnays would be sending threats out too.
    Shame on Fox for not getting with the times, being first to breck the cable hold and getting online.

  168. I wont be hanging out settling for old main stream cult news, it seems a form of sensorship has worked and to back down for one but not others whose copyrights are also being violated seem’s playing right into the hands of the supressors who believe, choice is only good if they control it!

  169. I Would like to see the Fox News Channel backon this site it what keep me on this site

  170. I am a great fan of Fox news channel because this is the only place I can get to have a different point of view than the Leberal spin.

    Typically do not watch msnbc, cbs and cnn. Sometimes pbs and BBC

    Interesting how the fox news feeds gets interrupted while leberal feeds do not.

  171. glad to find this stream. Fox streams from many sites have been down lately. I hope this lasts! Great work. Where can I send you a donation?

  172. Terry, I agree. We need to start a petition to ask FoxNews to live stream their entire programming schedule to the net. Unfortunately, the Cable companies do not want that. They are the ones that control what we see online, because they are still trying to force everyone to pay their exhorbitant fees. We cut our cable TV for that reason during these hard times. A small monthly fee, say $5 a month, would get them millions of more dollars, but they will have to go back to the Cable companies to renegotiate their contracts, so this is probably going to be a long term effort of several years. In the meantime, maybe someone overseas can step up to the plate and stream Fox News for those who can’t get foxnews or can’t afford a cable bill. There are many millions of us!!

  173. Glad Fox News is back – but is the picture quality as bad for everyone else as it is for us? The Justin.TV feed was much clearer.

  174. It was working 3 days ago then stopped. But looks like it was my system and it works great now!! Nothing like 5 minutes of Oberman to motivate ones self to do some computer maintenance. Thank you so much for the stream.

  175. wow! TikiLive broadcast for CNN is super clear! Wish it was like that for FOXNEWS broadcast! geez!

  176. By coolnezz on Mar 13, 2010 | Reply

    wow! TikiLive broadcast for CNN is super clear! Wish it was like that for FOXNEWS broadcast! geez
    Where is Fox News….why CNN instead

  177. I really miss the Fox news Channel. I’m on Social Security and had to choose between cable or the internet, Cable is way to high. Is it no longer on because Fox put pressure on these different websites that carried it?

  178. I think i can fix the oil leak if i could see the end of the pipe. i need to know what the preasure of the oil comeing out. i have hight preasure backgrond. looking at tv does notshow a good picture of the oil coming out. and i have a good idel way to take the oil plum out of water . someone comtack me Gene

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