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July 3, 2009 – 9:29 pm | by Talal


BBC World News Live online, now watch BBC News live online broadcast right here. BBC News Live broadcast includes online updates on news from around the world. Not to forget, BBC News Live is a British Live News channel and has a strong competition with Sky News Live.


BBC News Live which was formerly known as BBC News and Current Affairs is one of the productions of British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC News live news can be viewed through online BBC News live broadcast as well as live TV transmission.
Moreover, BBC News live updates are on-aired on different radio frequencies. BBC News live broadcast originates from their BBC News center in West London. As British Broadcasting Center focuses on other live programs other than live news.
BBC News is currently headed by Helen Boaden. Some of the BBC News Live programs include:

Hard Talk
World in 50 Minutes

Watch these BBC News Live programs online right here

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