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BBC World News Live online, now watch BBC News live online broadcast right here. BBC News Live broadcast includes online updates on news from around the world. Not to forget, BBC News Live is a British Live News channel and has a strong competition with Sky News Live.


BBC News Live which was formerly known as BBC News and Current Affairs is one of the productions of British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC News live news can be viewed through online BBC News live broadcast as well as live TV transmission.
Moreover, BBC News live updates are on-aired on different radio frequencies. BBC News live broadcast originates from their BBC News center in West London. As British Broadcasting Center focuses on other live programs other than live news.
BBC News is currently headed by Helen Boaden. Some of the BBC News Live programs include:

Hard Talk
World in 50 Minutes

Watch these BBC News Live programs online right here

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  1. what is happening in our planets? because there are rumors going on that cusmos rays are coming from the planet mars and is coming towards the earth. is it true i want to know

  2. You guys need to take off real player for fox news… it literally kills my internet, and I have to reset my wireless router every time I go on the fox page… thanks!

  3. welp i guess this is better than CNN & MSNBC.
    please stream FOXNEWS again.

  4. wake up dude. newscorps(owns fox) threatened to sue websites that stream fox news. it’s all about the green$$$

  5. FOX is 100% pure, very thinly disguised propaganda anyway. Every network has some bias but FOX barely even bother to pretend they’re journalists these days.

  6. I know fox news wants money but screw them and there C&D orders… this is a good sub for fox, eff cnn and MicroSoftNBC.

  7. How can I see BBC Hindi online live ?
    Please guide me And give me the web adress.

  8. I love this channel I prefer it over CNN or aljazeera … this is the best … I love evrything starting with the british accent. thanks for putting it online

  9. Thanks for the channel.
    Great journalism that you can’t get on TV 24/7 in the US. Thanks so much.

  10. Enjoy the free streams while they last. Once the $$$$$$’s figure out poor/on the road/freelance workers can watch anything for free its gone. (cnn/fox ect.)

  11. Can anyone help me? The full screen feature is not working on BBC anymore. Any suggestions.



  12. i like bbc news. it`s a true channel. bbc in4m us about all dat wat`s hapning in the world. we realy enjoying…………


    “We paid $3 billion for these television stations. We will decide what the news is. The news is what we tell you it is!”
    — alleged comment by David Boylan, station manager for Fox Tampa Bay (WTVT Ch 13) to two reporters who are currently suing the network for firing them and censoring a story about the use of bovine growth hormone in Florida cows.

  14. Please give this massage to “Chile rescue team”..

    They are very great team. they are like gods in the world. I like to special thank to all of you. I am watching your great work in BBC News Online web site. If i can present some gift for your team…i am very happy. But I can’t do it. I can do only like this.
    Thank you..thank you..thank you..thank you..

    Prasanna Kalumsiri (from Sri Lanka)

  15. Koodos to the Chillian President for staying at the mine site from start to finish. A few other world leaders should pay attention and learn a lesson.

  16. This site is very helpful and accessible to people who would like to be informed quickly and timely what is happening around the world.
    Very well done and useful site!




  17. disgusting these are people making a profit of Egyptian problems SICK Am I watching reality here or am I on different channel

  18. Re: irene Barker, on Mar 9, 2010

    Why on earth would ANYONE want to watch Fox News? It’s the epitome of low-quality, right wing, propagandist, and plain thick television. Maybe the administrator knows this and has, in his infinite wisdom, decided to stop you endangering yourself by watching it. I hope you’re grateful and send him a Thank You.

  19. Whats so special about this royal Wedding??they been “shacking up” together for some time now??

  20. i am so pleased of watching bbc life news on line.i appreciate their efforts and for the wonderful work.

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