Watch Online Al Jazeera Urdu Live

Watch Al Jazeera live. Free online Al Jazeera live broadcast. Another news channel in Urdu language by ARY Digital Network along with Al Jazeera Network. Stay updated with 24-hour news alerts by watching Al Jazeera Urdu live.


Al Jazeera Urdu live basically is a channel that operates in Pakistan and broadcast mainly Pakistani oriented news. The channel however brings news updates from the world and has efficient reporting standards.

Surely Al Jazeera Urdu News Channel is a though competition for other news channels operating in Pakistan and worldwide as it has done extremely well to attract a large number of audiences. Al Jazeera Urdu is also blessed with the brand tag of Al Jazeera Network, which by the way is also thinking to launch a live music channel.

Now you can watch Al Jazeera Urdu news channel live online for free.

11 Replies to “Watch Online Al Jazeera Urdu Live”

  1. very happy to know about your urdu channel,
    best wishes,
    rais saleem,
    programme manager,
    radio pakistan

  2. i am very happy to know that Al-Jazzera has started urdu service for Pakistani people, Jazzera english channel is a leading channel and hope urdu channel will also be the same.

    Thanks & Regards
    Abdul Raheem Khan
    Riyadh KSA

  3. Al Jazeera urdu service is very good news for urdu viewers but when it will start.


    Amjad Syed-Jeddah

  4. Long ago I heard about it, Al Jazeera is going to start a Urdu service but still there is no service available.

  5. Assalam-o-Alaikum
    I love Al-Jazera.I was waching Al-Jazera english.Their documentary and news are really best.
    Anyways where can i see Al-Jazera in Urdu language.Tell me link of Al-Jazera Urdu online.

  6. اسلام علیکم
    اردو کیلئے ایک بہترین کوشش
    اللہ کامیابی سے ہمکنار کرے۔آمین

  7. I’m very to know about Al-Jazeera Urdo channel.but when it will be on air?anybody will can tell me about it? I want to know details.

  8. After long I will got this web site its to good but some of the website did not opend. may be some problem is surver links or iy may be ban any how nice to getknow the news ofthe world most proberly islamic world. thnks.

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