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KTTV Fox 11 news live. Watch online Fox 11 news live. Fox 11 news is owned by Fox Broadcasting Company which is located in Los Angeles, California. Also, KTTV is a sister channel to KCOP. Fox 11 news operates with the slogan ‘ L.A.’s # 1 Choice for News‘.


KTTV started its operations in 1949 and since then it has become one of the most famous news channel of L.A. The main reason it got fame was the ‘anonymous news report’ in which Fox 11 showed reports based on investigations. Others Channel from Fox new are Fox news live,  Fox Business live and Fox sports live

Some of the famous Fox 11 news live programs include:

  • Fox 11 Morning News
  • Good Day L.A
  • Fox 11 News
  • Fox 11 News at Noon
  • Fox 11 10.00p.m News
  • Metro News

Watch KTTV Fox 11 News live online and get all the happenings in L.A

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