Google Book Search

Those who have a passion for books will know that searching books on internet is one of the most tiring on net. It used to be quite difficult job to find a specific book due to the unavailability of some large database of books.


Realizing the need of gathering all the books under one roof, Google took an initiative and started google book search service, started with the idea of bringing all the books ever written on globe to a single mouse click, google started working on it and are still in progress. Currently Google book search contains large number of books in its database. From poetry to science fiction almost every sort of books are available. According to the permissions of the book, if the book is of public domain the whole text is visible, if its copy righted its published according to that rule, if only preview is allowed than only preview is given.

Google book search is designed so that people can find books easily through searching or browsing through the categories given at the left end side of the homepage. It also provides the facility to print google book search result. On its homepage some of the popular books are highlighted and are changed time by time to keep the users interest. In google book search download facility is also available for those books which have no restrictions and are free to view and copy.

There is also an advance search option in the Google book search, which contains the options to search for a book of specific genre, language, author or publisher and even time of publication of book, thus making the book search an easy job avoiding the complexities. To keep the users up to date about the service there is also google book search blog namely “Inside Google Book Search”, which provides the users with the necessary updates and information concerning the Google book search thus keeping the users attached.