Google Web History Search

Since the inception of Google, it has always tried to help the users and give them an ease. For this reason Google has started various services, one such service is Google web history. Google web history seems to be like simple history stored in the web browser, but in fact google web history is a far comprehensive and user friendly service that google provides.


Google stores the web history or simply your search history to personalize your search results, one simple advantage is that if you have visited a site and now you forgot the address, and can’t find that, so by using the google web history you can easily see that web page anytime you want as google is storing this for you. Along with saving the history, it also provides us with the necessary privacy options.

Google web history privacy also allows managing and customizing the web history account. And provides a very easy way to clear the web history stored in an account, all one has to do is to go to the web history home page and click on clear history to erase google web history.

Google web history feature also helps in personalizing the search results, based on the past web history google personalize your future searches according to your interests. If we manually want to add some site to the google web history we need google tool bar. There is a google web history tool bar option in google tool bar by means of which one can easily save a site to the google web history.

To get this facility of web history installer of google tool bar must be downloaded and then installed. Google web history also provide us with an option of pausing the web history, using this option we can stop the google web history from saving our web history, providing such a useful service and so many options makes it a perfect choice for internet surfers.

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