What is WordPress blog?

Blogging is all rage these days and it has become a trend to start off a making money online blog; different people use blogging platform in a variety of ways for example many people create a WordPress Blog based on their business profile, they promote their services and products by maintaining extra WordPress blog apart from their business website; number of people make a blog in order to show their talent and writing abilities; and mostly people create a WordPress blog for earning extra income out of their blog by placing Google Adsense on the blog.


WordPress blog is mostly commonly known as CMS (content management system), it means it is highly sophisticated platform for the blogger to write, publish, express ideas and have interaction with other people across the globe. WordPress platform is considered as one of the top noches blogging resources; it is available in two hosting forms; one is dot com WordPress hosting server and second is dot org WordPress hosting platform.

Both podiums have appeal for the writers and bloggers, but normally people prefer to maintain a separate in org server because it becomes easier for them to install the whole WordPress set up as their personal website or on their desired domain name.

To have WordPress blog is always a pleasant experience; one may avail a numerous of WordPress features upon creating a blog or personal or business profile on the server. You may change the themes, add in plug-in, display adds, links, text links, HTML links, tags and keywords relevant to your blog post which make your blog post indexed on the search engines since WordPress is built in SEO friendly tools and whatever you write or publish get indexed within the matter of few minutes and you start earning traffic start from the point you publish a documents. You enjoy other many cutting edge features of WordPress while writing and publishing.

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