Sprint Customers Like Hot Phones Too!

In the last six months I have literally stalked the Sprint store physically and online! However, I wasn’t too thrilled with the selection and/or the plans that accompanied them. As an owner of the dated HTC Mogul I want something just as great that suites my current and future needs. There I was standing in the store surrounded by people that knew what they wanted and just stepped in line and bought it while I was being “a little too complicated” as some might say. I would look at a phone, the dimensions, and then open it, slide it and pretend that I was conducting business as I thumbed through the applications.

First up, the HERO. Eye candy indeed, but just not what I had in mind. Don’t get me wrong, “Androids are great!” but for this gal that has greater needs I felt like I just landed the hot model on the runway with half a brain. With its 5.0 mega pixel camera I was very tempted since its one true seduction was the Flicker application. I figured I could capture the art surrounding me at any time. Did I mention that I could talk for up to 5 hours which is unheard of nowadays? Yet, I moved on.

Second phone I looked at was the HTC Touch Pro II. Yet another Smartphone that was very similar to the Mogul. But then I slid the keyboard out…and yuck! What were they thinking when they put together the color scheme? With phones today being considered unisex this was simply questionable as I am not the woman into construction site orange, or the mixture of blue and gray reminiscent of a drab day in the office.


Last, but first phone considered was the Blackberry series.  Whether the Blackberry Curve or the Tour these phones are hot!  Today, every Law Student, IT employee, Executive and Business Owner has one!  Ever receive a quick note via email or text and notice the owner’s overly confident line following the signature:  Sent via Blackberry or something to that tune?  I love it!  There I was, and almost decided.  That was until a Sprint employee gave it to me straight.  Well, somewhat!  Every other employee’s story was a little different from the previous employee.  I couldn’t get a two for two and just get out the door.

With its very sleek, trendy, and signature look I was just about sold.  That was until I inquired about MS Office.  Unlike the previous two phones I was advised that I could buy the software as add on application and I could edit my documents and save.  Wow!  Finally, not just a MS Office Viewer version that basically is no good if I can’t do anything with it! With one in my hand there I was standing at the counter handing it over to the rep when it hit me!  Yes, another question, “Do I have to change my plan?”  The rep replied, “Umm, let me see.  I believe you do!”  Another representative rushed over that knew I was in the store on several occasions and for about 1 hour that particular time.  She smiled, and took control of an already out of hand situation and replied, “Yes, but you can add on the service to your current plan for about $10 -$15 extra per month!  Unlike the androids and the Palm Pre you have no interest in.”  “I love it!” I exclaimed silently to myself.

Every since the Blackberry was introduced to the market I loved it.  But, being the educated consumer I am, I don’t jump on the trendy bandwagon if you know what I mean.  I am one not to care if the whole world owns it and I am the last person standing without it.  I have to really be beyond interested and the item beyond interesting.  Functionality is the most intriguing and my comfort is based on that.  To say the least, I didn’t purchase the phone that day but am certain I will be finalizing my decision soon.  Perhaps there is another Blackberry being introduced at this very moment?  Decisions, decisions, decisions! Excuse me if I seem to be implying that Sprint simply has no really hot phones, but as a 10 year Sprint customer, “I am impressed with their plans and add-ons which save me countless dollars; just not with their selection of phones.”