Watch CNBC USA Live Online

CNBC live online. Watch free online CNBC live broadcast. CNBC live is an abbreviation for Consumer News and Business Channel. It is currently owned by NBC Universal and is based in U.S.


CNBC US live was first launched in 1989 and since then it has worked extremely well focusing the business markets and broadcasting financial reports and news. CNBC live currently has 3 sister channels which include:

  • CNBC World, MSNBC,  NBC

CNBC US basically covers activities that take place in US financial markets and stock markets and broadcasts live updates which include reviews, future trends/forecasts, talk shows and recommendations by different business analysts.
Some of the famous CNBC US live programs include:

  • World wide exchange,The call ,Fast money, CNBC specials, Street signs, Closing bell , Power lunch

Now you can watch free online CNBC business news live right here and get a complete in-sight of the financial and stock market activities that take place.