Windows Server 2003 Vs Windows Server 2008

Microsoft has given great importance to the power consumption factor. All business organizations, know a days give high importance to the energy reducing computer technology. Organizations are introducing laptops instead of desktop system in order to control cost and reduce energy factor too. Keeping the above scenario in view, Microsoft designed and developed a new Windows Server, which is very energy efficient as compare to the previous Microsoft Windows servers. In this scenario, Microsoft has introduced power consumption features in Microsoft Server 2008. This feature increases the efficiency of the server as well.


Virtualization technology (Hyper-V) is used to reduce power consumption that has been used by the Microsoft in Windows Server 2008. Through this technology, server will not work as one machine. It will be work in form of much smaller physical machines. This reduces the consumption of power without disturbing the server performance.

Different advance features and configurations have been included in the Microsoft Server 2008 in order to reduce the power consumption with out disturbing the Microsoft Server working performance. Through one of the feature that is Process Power management ,which included in Microsoft Server 2008 , server power management with the clients can be managed and monitor as well. Through this feature, processor performance state can also be monitored, controlled and handled. Over all Microsoft has included lots of feature in Windows Server 2008 in order to reduce the power consumption and increase the performance of the server as well.

Comparing with the Microsoft Windows server 2003 and Microsoft Server 2008, is more power efficient and work proficient Server.

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