AVG anti-virus Rescue CD

AVG anti-virus Rescue CD has been introduced by the AVG anti-virus developers. It is Cd version and easily portable from one place to another in order to rescue the system from viruses and anti-spams. Rescue Cd is used to recover the systems, when the system files are corrupted and system is unable to work. AVG Bootable CD and USB drive are two formats in which this anti-virus application is available to the computer users.


AVG anti-Virus Bootable Rescue CD format really helps the users in the situation where system is not able to boot properly due to any reason. By using this bootable AVG Rescue CD, systems automatically starts building hard drives and also removes virus or other infections from the system.

AVG Rescue CD is enhanced with the supporting features like protects the system from virus and spyware attacks. It manages the windows operating system, protects and scans the network resources for virus. It’s a portable application, can be used any where to solve the issue and problem. The coolest and attractive feature of this AVG Rescue CD application is bootable facility.  The most important feature of this application is to perform clean boot from the CD, in order to recover system from virus and also from other booting problems.

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  1. This CD trashed my XP PC! It deleted everything in my C:\ root directory that was not a directory. This of course included ntldr which meant I could not even boot into XP. Took me 4 hours to recover and I am an IT person.

    Note that nothing it deleted was flagged as malware or the like.

    Stay away from this software!

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