Online Data backup Services

Data Backup is one the most essential feature related to the data storage. Conventional methods for storing of data are storing data on hard disk (using external hard disk), storing data on CD, DVD and using USB etc. Data Storage is very essential for keeping the data store at one place for individuals as well as more enterprises also. Through Conventional method of data storage, percentage of losing data is also there. For example hard disk can be crashed, USB stop working etc.


Online Data Backup is the safest method of data backup online. It prevents the data to be stolen or in the case of hard disk failure, one can easily access and get online data through online data backup services. Online Data backup and storage facility provides the users to store their data online and access it from any where else.  Online Data backup reduces the number of data crash and lost.

Number of free web services are available online that provides online data backup and storage to the users.  Some of the free web services providing online data backup are as follows:

  • Live Mesh
    it provides 5120 MB space for online data backup from PC, Mac or mobile phone.
  • IDrive

It provides 2GB space for online data backup of documents and photos.

  • Dropbox
    It provides 2GB space for online data backup.
  • Windows SkyDrive
    It provides 25 GB space for online data backup.