Watch Sci Fi TV Channel Live Online

April 8, 2010 – 7:10 pm | by Talal

Sci Fi TV channel live online. Watch free online Sci Fi TV channel live broadcast. Sci Fi TV channel is basically a dedicated channel which broadcasts science and technology related programs. Not only this, Sci Fi channel also broadcasts science related movies.


Sci Fi TV channel live is currently based in U.K and was first launched in 1995. As for now, Sci Fi channel live is owned by NBC Universal group. Sci Fi channel has its main focus on broadcasting programs in the form of documentaries, reports, movies which revolve around science and technological content. Some of the famous Sci Fi programs include:

  • Lost in space
  • Buck rogers
  • Bionic six
  • G Force

Now you can watch free online Sci Fi channel live broadcast right here.


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