EC5802U Notebook Motion Computing C5 Review

The motion C5 ‘EC5802U’ is new hype tablet PC introduced by Motion Computing to help out nurses, doctors and clinicians in the management of patient’s data. The design of EC5802U is based on input from thousands of clinicians at the medical center. So, we can say that this notebook is a unique, reliable and durable design incorporated with data capture technologies to make the date input trouble-free and swift.


The notebook EC5802U is also known as the mobile clinical assistant (MCA) because of its superb technologies built to increase the productivity and managements regarding the care of a patient. The best thing about EC5802U is that it is a mobile tablet PC easy to hold and to put the data to keep the track of information about the patient. It keeps the job of doctors, nurses and clinical sport on the move directly to the point of care for their patients.

The C5 ‘EC5802U’ is very lightweight (3lbs) and powerful to run an operating system. It is designed to run Vista operating system.  The sealed Motion C5 is now widely being used in as a fundamental hospital grade device to record the data in many clinics and hospitals worldwide. It has become an important requirement to improve the productivity, as the device enables organization to take better care of their patient and support their full rights.

The sealed motion C5 brings you highly sophisticated features from an integrated technology Intel ® Health which lets you maintain your schedule to check on your patient, it gives you direction to move on right dosages and right time to serve your patient with the required medications.

EC5802U Notebook is based on rugged design with handle withstands bumps; the design is easy to cleaned and disinfected with the help of standard cleansers. In order to increase the resistance of notebook against scratches and display damages now C5 is also available with Gorilla™ glass.  In addition, the device is built in with mobile broadband (WWAN), which makes feasible for you to get connected with other staff members or doctors. Moreover, C5 has an integrated digital camera and Bluetooth wireless connectivity option to make your communication better and fasterzahipedia-motion-f5_black

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