Google Phone Hits UK Stores

Google is launching their One smart phone through Vodafone stores and telesales services to the mobile market of UK.  Vodafone will be the first mobile operating company in Europe to sell the Google Phone with contract prices starts from 25 to 28 pound per month.  Users will be able to use 1 GB of data according to their deal plan. Users can also access Wi-Fi at home and in public spaces in UK.  Google Nexus one phone runs on Android operating system was arrived publically in the start of this year 2010.


Initially arrived in U.S mobile market by Google and approximate 20,000 Nexus one phones were sold in it first week of release. Apple iPhone was launched in eight countries at the same time and 1.6 million units were sold.  Nexus one has good market share and expected to give good market sales out put to Vodafone mobile operating company in UK phones market.

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