Google Goggles’ Now’ translates text in photos

It was learned earlier this year that Google Goggle for Android phone is creating a feature for translating the picture text.  Now the time has arrived, Google has embedded a revolutionary Photo Text translation app in the Google Goggle’s. Goggle’s is the massive visual search engine that runs on Google Android Phone. The new Goggle’s text translation feature really helps the tourists, while travelling abroad.

One can translates text in photos with their Google Android phones in a different language. Goggle’s picture translation feature was tested in Germany. Google embedded the picture text translation feature into its all Android phones after the successful test on the translation of German Language.  Photo’s Text translation feature of Google Goggle can also support more translatable languages like Spanish, Italian, English and French languages.

Google Goggle’s translation feature working is very simple and easy to handle by users. Once photo with text in different language has been taken, then User has to highlight the text area of the taken picture, and then send the text to goggle to translate.   Google Goggle app after evaluating the text, translate the text into the preferred language.  Google make the visual search handy for the users, with embedding
translating feature into it.

Google is putting their best in order to overcoming the technical related issues with Goggles services. Google has improved the goggle’s app with introducing better barcode recognition and enhanced picture recognizing feature as goggles app of Android phone was facing issues in recognizing “ many images”.

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