Send Fax Via Email | Receive Fax Via Email

We have already discussed which email services are highly rated and which free email services are most secure and efficient. Now we talk about how you can send and receiveĀ free fax via email service.

Sending text messages and sharing files thorough an email service was quite obvious till now, but sending and receiving fax was not conventional without a fax machine; and that too via email. It was never thought sending a fax via email would be as simple as a three step process.

All you need to do is compose a message through your current email service. And when you are done with your message, in the recipient’s field, enter the fax number rather than the standard email address. In other words, your recipient’s address should appear as (

Next, you need to attach files, photos etc. if you intend to and send to the contact. Simple, isn’t it? Now you can send and receive unlimited fax messages via email using aforementioned process. Not only this, such procedure is also applicable for users who have a temporary or disposable email account.

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