Fat Cow Web Hosting | Fat Cow Web Site Hosting Review

Fat Cow, one the best web site hosting services available online. If you are thinking to register a web site and upload some content to share with the world, Fat Cow web hosting is a great platform to start with. Here is a complete Fat Cow web hosting review.

Started in 1998, Fat Cow web hosting has been doing a great job providing users with reliable and affordable web domains. They only charge $3.83 per month and give you a free web domain. And such a charge with the provided features is surely affordable.

Fat Cow web hosting service provides several free features apart from a free web domain. These free features include Google Adwords credit worth $50 (may wary depending upon the registration). Also, Fat Cow website hosting service allows users to have free access to the online store of ShopSite.

When it comes to having Ads on your web site, Fat Cow really comes in handy. They provide a lot free Ad credit on different web sites such as Facbook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google. And in this sense, Google being the largest search engine, can surely help drive some traffic to your site.

In all, Fat Cow web hosting has great reviews and feedback by the users who have used it and already using it. It is highly recommended by many people if you are to experience a good web site management.

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