Apple Mac mini review

June 15, 2010 – 6:21 pm | by omer

Apple Mac mini latest model arrived in the market introduced by Apple phone is more compact version of the Apple mini mac.  Apple mini mac review describes mini mac as magical and revolutionary device comes with latest features like HDMI Port, SD card slot and the most important feature is the enhancement in the graphical performance of the Apple Mini.

The latest and new updated version of mini mac Apple comes with 2.4 GHz Intel core 2 duo processor, supports NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card . Apple Mac mini comes with 320GB hard disk along with 2GB of Ram.  Apple Mac mini accessories are according the latest technology and embedded with features that are necessary in the computing technology.  Apple mac mini is incorporated with all the features supported by the Apple iPad tablet.

Mac mini apple comes with 1.4 inches thickness along with 7.7 inches square with power consumption is also decreases to 25 % means less then 10 Watts. The price of mac mini apple is of £649 that is very cheap then the iPad tablet. Review of apple mac mini indicates clearly the Apple mac mini amazing and elegant features and theirs versatility along with the compact design.


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